Kudos and Karma

Have you recently read something by a contemporary writer that has left you breathless? Have you stumbled across a blog that you absolutely loved and kept coming back to? Have you read any article or comment that was so witty and fresh that you wanted to applaud the author and yell congratulations? Did you go ahead do it?

We should more often take the time to congratulate the people who make our lives richer.Β Spare a few minutes to give kudos to all those who have brought us a good book, a nifty article or a hilarious comment. Writers love the attention, and they deserve it. Besides, it doesn’t cost a dime and it’s good karma!

Here’s a big high-five to the guys that light up my writing experience time and again:

Renee Miller @ Dangling on the Edge of (In)Sanity — you’re an incredibly hard working, perseverent and honest writer, a straight-cut and hilarious gal, and a great friend. Thanks for making me laugh and giving me hope!

Katrina Monroe @ Do As I Say, Not As I Do – And Other Nonsense — your short stories are some of the most candid slices of life, and your mind’s as sharp as your tongue. Thanks for always being outspoken!

The muttley crew of writers / editors @ OnFictionWriting.com — you guys are undeniably the most colorful, supportive and wonderfully inspirational bunch of writers I’ve met! Thank you Carlos Cortes, Michael Keyton, Kate Quinn, Paul Mitton, Rita Webb, Wendy Swore, Henry Lara, Jeanne Voelker, Gwendolyn McIntyre, and of course, Renee and Katrina, and everyone else.

[*cough* Membership at OFW is now FREE! Go grab yourself a great writers community! *cough*]

Chuck Wendig @ Terribleminds — you kicked me out of the dazed stupor of aspiring to become a writer, and straight into owning up to it and getting the hell to work. Your writing advice is invaluable, especially for shaking the crap out of writerly notions. Thanks for doing what only you can do!

Roz Morris @ Nail Your Novel — you’re a model of open commitment to the whole kit and caboodle of being a writer, the long-winded hard work of drafting, the finicky process of editing, the gauntlet run of publishing and the honest, continuous relationship with your readers. Thanks for showing us it can all be done with grace!

There are more great people I’d like to give my thanks to, for wildly different reasons, like Sebastian Marshall, Holly Lisle, Randy Ingermanson, Eric J. Lerner, Chuck Palahniuk, Andrew Robinson, and many many more.

Also a HUGE thanks to the dedicated and wildly different writers and bloggers that I’ve met in this year’s #atozchallenge—you guys are incredible! To name just a few I’ve met so far, off the top of my head, I’d love to give kudos to J.W. Alden, Tracy Brown, Jay Noel, Kern Windwraith, Adam Gaylord, Jaye Robin Brown, Amberr Meadows, Dazediva, Jen McConnel, and many more, including the great and hard-working hosts and co-hosts, and everyone else who are doing their best and having fun writing!

Oh man, and I’ve barely started!


Who would you like to give thanks to the most?


This blog post is part of theΒ A to Z Blogging Challenge, April 2012

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author β€” I deliver the aliens.

24 thoughts on “Kudos and Karma

  1. You’re making me blush. By the way, thank you for this series, it’s awesome. Who would I give thanks to? All of the above. The OFW crew have meant more to me, and my writing, than any other person on this planet. You guys rock. Of course there are more, and our lists are disturbingly similar. πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you!! I’m glad the A-Z Challenge has led me here πŸ™‚

    In terms of modern writers, I think I’m most thankful for Rick Riordan: the teacher in me loves that he’s hooked kids who didn’t like books, and the writer in me loves that he’s made myth and magic cool again. (The same goes for J.K. Rowling!)

    My biggest thanks also go to the hundreds of thousands of people who make up SCBWI. Best. Professional. Organization. Ever!


    1. Oh, Rowling truly has changed how youngsters see books! Any writer who can make rugrats stay up late to read under the covers deserves some heavy kudos! — As does a great community. Let’s face it, we’re nothing without peer support. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Jen!


  3. D’awwww. Thanks, Vero. This was a great way to start my day. And you’re right, we don’t give out Kudos enough. The skeleton crew at OFW are the most awesome people I know and its hard to believe that I’ve been writing/working with some of them for almost 4 years. Like whoa.


    1. Thanks, Jaye! πŸ™‚ You’re pretty good at creating a lighthearted and entertaining atmosphere at your blog, and I really liked that about it!


  4. Great post! I think it’s very important to let the people in our lives know how much we appreciate them. I have a long list too! I blogged about Karma too today… although mine is very different from yours. Nice to meet you, Veronica!


  5. It was great meeting you too, via the A-Z Challenge. That’s the #1 reason why I signed up to do it – to meet more incredible bloggers like yourself.


    1. Aw! Don’t make me blush, Jay, it always makes random nanites short-circuit in my head, and the steam-powered replacement drive hasn’t been commissioned yet!

      The A to Z challenge has really been a great opportunity to meet like-minded people! Thanks for everything! πŸ™‚


  6. Thanks for including me in your #atozchallenge bloggers! I’m honored. πŸ˜€

    Online or off, I think we need to give kudos when the opportunity comes up. So many people (unfortunately) only are told the bad, or what’s wrong with what they did. Recognizing people for the good can only foster more of that. Right?

    Let’s see, who would I recognize for awesome (i.e., worthwhile) blog posts? (Besides you – so glad to have found you through A-Z, Vero!) Three author/bloggers off of the top of my head:

    Jody Hedlund, Les Edgerton (read his book “Hooked” – excellent), Elizabeth S. Craig

    They’re not part of the A-Z blogfest, but readily share their writing wisdom and experience.

    Oh, one more. This is just for fun and although she’s not participating in the A-Z, I think I found her via the challenge. Cracks me up. (No seriously. I guffawed.)

    Crack You Whip


  7. Good heavens above. I never saw this at the time but thank you for the name check. Fond memories of OFW.
    How did I come across it now, you may ask? Because four years later someone checked my blog from this url and Sherlock swung into action. Thanks again – if you read this four years later πŸ™‚


    1. Ha ha ha! It’s so weird to think that far back. I think the OFW group on Goodreads was still very active at the time. I loved that place.

      A big HIGH FIVE to you again, Mike – and even more so than the old one above. I treasure your friendship over the years, for the differences between us as much as for the things we have in common. πŸ™‚


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