Show Us Your Words – The Lucky 7 Meme

I’ve just found out there’s this cool little tagging game between blogging writers—The Lucky 7 Meme—thanks to Kern Windwraith and her awesomely titled blog, The Odd Particle. The rules are as follows:

Go to page 7 or 77 of your current MS/WIP, or go to line 7 (for short fiction)
Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs and post them as they are written.
Tag 7 authors and let them know.

The purpose is to share our current projects and get a little closer to each other. You know, know each other better, reveal ourselves in an embarrassed bit of stripping, like Amish women taking off their bonnets on a Sunday.

I’ve checked both page 7 and page 77 of my construction site of a WIP, but those excerpts won’t make much sense without a context due to the POV, so I’ll post the first 7 paragraphs. It’s a science-fiction novel, first in a series (probably trilogy), with some psychological thriller and twisted romance characteristics, but I suck at respecting genres so it’s sort of a mutant. Hopefully it’ll be a wholesome mutant, not a lethargic zombie. So here it is:

The alien is staring right through me. It’s got tiny green eyes, like bioluminescent beetles clinging to a mossy rock. My fingers dig into the soft padding of the armrests, creasing the dry-blood colored leather. Behind its projected face, the control panels of the Magna are blinking all over. It’s too late to call base now.

Fuck, we’ve made it! I can almost see my father’s face, glowing with pride at how far his daughter’s come. But he’s not here, and the last glow I saw upon him was the flare of a grenade.

A crack, and the alien’s face breaks open through the middle. Its lower jaw disjoints and lets a scarlet tongue roll out over rows of needle-thin teeth. It makes a rumbling, gurgling sound as if it’s drowning in its own spit. My nails pierce through the leather.

“Si un talfrak drefga dreekser elta hija.”

“Say something,” Jade whispers, but no one reacts. All three of us are staring at the projection like a bunch of floatheads. Even Bray is pissing his suit.

The alien narrows its already small eyes in my direction. I’m suddenly afraid it sees me, and push my back into the chair. Then I realize how stupid that is, but I still push my back into the chair.

“Arrival futile no input dreekser return now,” the alien grunts, and a second later the projection winks out of existence. I feel my blood cascade into my feet.

Phew. Now to the writers I’m tagging:

Renee Miller
Katrina Monroe

J.W. Alden
Tracy Brown
Adam Gaylord
Jaye Robin Brown
Jay Noel

There are of course more than 7 great scribblers I’d like to tag, and not enough space in the list. But there’s always a next time. I’d tag Kern too, but she’s already posted her bit of awesomeness on her blog, so go check it out. She’s got very interesting, opinionated characters who swear a lot and pull no punches. My kind of peeps. 😉

Please post your bits and leave the links in the comments. I think it’s a great way to peek out of our own worlds and into each other’s. Thanks for sharing!



Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

12 thoughts on “Show Us Your Words – The Lucky 7 Meme

  1. Love your description. How enticing! What happens next? You’ve left us all hanging, damn you. *shakes fist*

    Thanks for thinking of me, Vero! If you keep plugging my blog, I’m going to have to give you an agent’s cut of the six cents of adsense revenue I’ve accrued. 😉


    1. Thanks, J.W.! I’m going to go by myself a 5* hotel in some fourth world country, cause ha, now I’m rich you motherf*ers, rich I tell ya!


  2. Well, Ms. Sicoe. It seems I can no longer avoid this game of tag since, just like when I was the fat kid who was always it, I’ve been “it” four times this week. Sigh. Love those lines. It’s cool how they were the ones you had to pick. They’re among my favorite in that manuscript. Anyway, my lines are up. I selected The Legend of Jackson Murphy. Oddly enough page 7 has exactly 7 paragraphs. Lucky? I choose to think so.


    1. The signs have been swarming around Jack for some time now, so I’m crossing my fingers for it to pass the judgement of those agents! Thanks for joining in the tag, Renee. 😉


  3. I was nervous coming over here to read this, because you know how some writers kick ass at non-fiction but then mysteriously fall apart at creating tension, character and setting in their stories? I so very much did not want that to be the case with your writing. And, hallelujah, beggars should be riding because apparently wishes do come true! This is fabulous from start to finish, and already I want to read more, more, MORE about your protagonist.

    And mutant genres are my favourites. SciFi-romance-thriller? I vote yes!

    This has been the best meme! I’m so very much enjoying getting tall hese little tastes of other writers’ WIPs.

    Oh, and that line, “It makes a rumbling, gurgling sound as if it’s drowning in its own spit” will probably give me nightmares, thanks so much. 🙂

    I’ll be back to check out other people’s snippets, too.


    1. Phew, I’m so glad my snippet didn’t disappoint! *lays back fanning herself*

      Thanks for your comment, and for tagging me — this was a great meme to be sure! I loved your snippet too, and must say Johnny’s stuck to me. He’s got a very interesting point of view, and feels absolutely real. Great job!


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