13 Warning Signs You’re A Writer

We all think we’re writers, but are we really sure? How can we know?

Beside the constant scribbling and the dubious interest in atypical murder weapons, here’s a top 13 of the most serious warning signs that you’re a writer.



– 13 –

Pacing isn’t a nervous habit but a necessity

– 12 –

You can’t use your best hook to defend yourself

– 11 –

Romance means keeping two people apart for at least ten chapters



– 10 –

You edit and rephrase your interior monologues

– 9 –

Your favorite hero is the guy you try to make miserable

– 8 –

You listen to music planning out the soundtrack for the movie deal

– 7 –

Compliments about your style don’t address your clothing


– 6 –

You only get out of the house to conduct research

– 5 –

You interrupt an argument to take notes

– 4 –

You critique your own life based on the quality of the storyline

– 3 –

You feel handicapped without a pen in the pocket

– 2 –

Your everyday chores have background narration


– 1 –

When another writer dies, you see tragedy in the unfinished manuscript 


This blog post is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, April 2012

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

23 thoughts on “13 Warning Signs You’re A Writer

  1. Wow, pictures! Was there any particular process you used to create them?

    Replace “pen” in Rule 3 with “pencil”, and I’m all set. Number 13 also edges toward applying toward me.

    And of course, for Number One, you’re always wishing the author left behind notes.


  2. Awesome, awesome post! So what percentage of symptoms present signify irreversible writer-hood? Cause I’m pretty much at 90% 😀 Any hope of a cure?

    Hahaha… “You edit and rephrase your interior monologues”… I’ve caught myself doing that more and more 😀


  3. You are quite the talented stick figure artist! #10 and #2 are especially poignant for me. You should hear the interior monologue when I’m cooking. I’m like freakin’ Julia Child!


  4. Thanks guys! 😀 I’m thrilled you’re all checking point after point on that list, each of you further gone than the other. We’re all in good company here. Now someone hand me that paper-clip, my straitjacket’s too tight.


  5. LOL! Okay… I admit it. I’m all about #8. I’ve actually wondered how hard it will be to get the rights to the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” I play it in my head whenever one of my characters (Templeton) shows up on the scene.

    And sadly, I’ve been guilty of #2 since I could walk. Maybe sooner. 😉

    Thanks for the laugh at the end of a very busy day, Vero! You so rule.


  6. LOVE this. Thank You T hank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You.

    Yes, I know that is highly annoying but I really can’t say it enough. I’ve been struggling with my manuscript because I’m bored with a particular scene and have been reviewing books for an organization that only seems to attract would-be hacks who couldn’t write themselves out of a notebook. So, of course I do the atypical “The world surely must end! I have lost my inspiration! I’m no longer a TRUE writer!!!” act and have been moping for the better part of a week.

    Then I saw one of your blog posts on Twitter and BAM! I feel alive again! All I needed was to know that not all writers are complete morons with superiority complexes! That some of us have a sense of humor and a wry wit worth reading.

    THANK YOU for simply being you!


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, Aubrey! o.O

      I’m so happy this post could help you get out of a funk and back to feeling confident, and assertive! Keep your head up and keep writing, always keep writing, and if anyone tries to make you feel less than you are — screw them, and write nonetheless. Write even better, show them they’re not the boss of you. 🙂


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