Writer’s Neurosis 101

It happens to everyone. Things get a little too much sometimes, especially when you’re spread thin. And before you can catch yourself, you’re flying around ass upwards in a hurricane. I’m not a stranger to that. It happens very rarely, and I usually deal with it in the privacy of my own mind. Except… now I’m blogging. And because I’m going about this writing blog as openly as I possibly can, things aren’t so private anymore.

But I bet there’s at least a good lesson for me in it, and a crazed spectacle for you. Maybe it’ll even help you feel a bit less alone when things go bzzzt-krrr-boom!

So here’s a writer’s neurosis 101.

It usually starts with excessive attention and worrying.

Most of the worries are valid, which makes all the other worries seem valid too.

Then it’s only a small step to exaggeration and anxiety.

And things get a liiiittle out of hand.

And you’re square in the middle of it. 

Too late to back out now. 

Your future’s just turned its ass on you. Might as well prepare the lighter…

But then, in the silence, you start to remember why you go through all of this.

And all you can think of now is how much you want to dive right back into it!

To hell with all the worries and the fears.

To hell with it all!

There’s only one thing that needs to be done.

Because however crazy you’re shaken, and however hard you fall, you’ll always have a damn good reason to get right back to it and keep on going.

In the end, the story is all that matters.


Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

15 thoughts on “Writer’s Neurosis 101

    1. Hehe, we’re all a little coocoo sometimes, aren’t we? Thanks for stopping by & commenting, Raven! Wish you the best.


  1. “In the end, the story is all that matters.”

    Some of our writing will have lots of influence, and some won’t. If we all became “success engineers,” our writing would suffer and the world would be worse off.

    It’s hard, but the story has to come first.
    Thanks for the encouraging post.


    1. Thank you for the comment, Jeff!

      You’re right, it’s not always easy to remember what matters, and what it is that allows us to be who we are and dream of becoming even more one day. We’re writers, and what matters are the stories we tell, without them we’re nothing.


  2. I just LOVE your posts with the drawings. When I see them, I always know I’m in for a treat. I especially loved the explosion – we’ve all been there. I’ve found the force of the blow, however painful, sometimes propels me in the right direction.


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