He’s so ZAZZY

Oh-my-gawd the challenge is over!

I started out with a lot of energy and zeal, but for the past oh… 8 letters, it’s been an unexpectedly tiring experience. And really, it’s not your fault—you guys out there joining in this madness were awesome—it’s just me. I just wanted to be done with this already so I can go back to editing. I need to edit. I crave it. I MUST POLISH the mighty turd that is my MS so it can become a gem. Or, you know, a less smelly, oozy, sticky turd. Sorry for the imagery (no, I’m not).

And because I really don’t want to write about Zombies, especially since others do it much better, and I don’t have enough useful brain matter left to do any actual research on a relevant science-fictiony topic, I’m gonna wrap this up quick and dirty and leave you with one of the funniest / creepiest / most haunting Sheldon moments ever. If you have any doubts he’s one of the most awesome characters ever invented, go watch this compilation. And if you love him like I do, you’ll watch it anyway.

Sheldon zazzy


P.S. If you’ve just crash landed on my blog and don’t know the territory, just check out this list of A to Z posts. Some of the stuff I came up with is really cool (just ignore the rest).

* * *

          This post is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, April 2014.          

    In 2012, my Z post was — With Muscles Made of Zeal

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14 thoughts on “He’s so ZAZZY

    1. I only wrote a few of the posts ahead of time, most I wrote one or two days in advance. And towards the end, I wrote the posts early in the morning. I think my fatigue this time was rather due to my schedule being otherwise chock full, and my desire to move on already and get back to editing. I might still do this again some time, though. 🙂


  1. The white kitty in Sheldon’s gif is too cool for words. Relax now, you’re done! I enjoyed your sci-fi writing posts very much. 🙂 (Those last few letters were the toughest fer shur.)

    Now back to editing!


  2. Congrats for making it to the end! I’m with you, I’ve really struggled for the latter part of the month. I don’t know about you, but I had no time to plan posts ahead (sounds like you were in the same boat) and writing it all on the cuff is pretty knackering!

    Well done for sticking it out, and enjoy the editing process! I’ve finished a *very* rough first draft of my MS for Camp NaNo and am finally free to go back and tear it all apart, I hate first drafts, but oh do I love editing.Who knew polishing a turd could be such fun!


    1. I haven’t really planned anything beyond brainstorming some titles for each letter, but I didn’t settle on a specific one and write it until a few days prior to each letter. It was basically on the go.

      And man, I’m glad it’s over! 😀 But we did it. WE DID IT. Where’s the champagne?

      Good luck with your editing. It’s mostly fun for me too. Mostly. 😉


    1. Oh I’m very relieved as well. Looking forward to normalcy. 😉

      Thanks, Jay. And congrats for finishing too! Quite a lot of interesting (and memory-laden) songs you presented…


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