From Fiction To Reality

I’m not up to writing particularly useful posts at the moment, due to industrious editing efforts (yay!) and otherwise being caught up in baby-ing and day-job-ing. But I’ve got a cool infographic for you, that highlights some of the best (and most common) inventions from the past decades which science owes to SF. That’s right, BOW TO US, labcoated minions! HA HA HA. *glares down her nose*

Plenty of pretty awesome things have become commonplace for humanity due to the brilliant sparks of insanity imagination some writers have had. I hope we’ll one day be part of that pool of (un)tapped ideas as well, when our modest fictional creations become relevant for everyday life. The nice things we come up with, that is. Not all those torture and enslavement devices. Right.

So check out the infographic. Thanks for sharing it with us, Russel Cooke (“Writing with Russel“)! 😉

“As children, we all want the technology from our favorite science fiction movies, comics, and novels. Whether it’s a universal translator for alien languages or a flying car, sci-fi entertains us because it gives us a glimpse at a future that might be some day. It may seem foolish to pin hopes on a piece of fiction, but those of us that do have history on our side as it seems many devices we rely on in the present were merely make-believe in the past.

As life-changing as technology is, we often begin to take it for granted after that initial wow factor fades away. We live in an era where almost everyone is walking around with a powerful computer in their pocket that can access almost limitless data, communicate wirelessly with any friend or family member, and even operate via voice commands through a wristwatch.

Any one of these things would have been wild enough to belong in a sci-fi story just decades ago, and indeed many of those functions were found in fantastic devices on shows like Star Trek or in spy movies of the era. Using that line of thinking, it’s not too bizarre to expect the gadgets we gaze at in wonder in today’s movies out on store shelves in just a few short years from now.

To see even more evidence of the trend of science fiction becoming science fact, take a look at these other gadgets in the following graphic, provided by”

>> click the pic <<

Fiction to Reality - Smart Tech Origin Stories
Fiction to Reality — Smart Tech Origin Stories

P.S. If the writing in the graphic is too small for you (due to screen resolution, pizza oil stains on your glasses or a thorough Monday morning hangover), hold down CTRL and scroll up with your mousey.

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    1. Teehee, yeah, that’s pretty cool. I also love the gesture interface technology, although it’s still in its baby-shoes. But it will be awesome once it’s truly responsive. 😀


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