A BIG THANKS, and a little teaser

To be honest, I was really scared of putting up a public request for beta readers. I was fairly sure no one would want to invest their time & energy into beta-reading my first novel, except maybe for a friend or two.

So I am immensely grateful for the many offers I’ve received! I can’t believe how lucky I am.


Especially since I know it’s not an easy task to plow through a 155K sci-fi manuscript. 😉

Now that I have sent my manuscript to a number of people which is big enough to make me break a sweat just thinking about it, I have to kindly end my public request for further beta readers.

Not that I wouldn’t love for as many people to read my novel as possible, but I can’t possibly reciprocate and repay so many of you in kind. And I can’t imagine just asking for stuff without giving back.

So BIG THANKS to all those who have already offered to swap manuscripts, and thank you to all those who are interested but who I must decline.

who's awesome

And now on to the next goodie.

I’ve already started working on my next project, which is to say I’m in the planning and brooding phase of my next novel. It won’t be set in the same world as the Ascendancy trilogy, and it won’t be written in the same style either. I’m experimenting! *laughs manically*

Besides, I’ve always wanted to write a dark and terrifying novel with the simplest of casts and settings: a couple of people on a space ship. Except, nothing about their situation or their person will be simple, and of course, there will be a jaw-dropping twist at the end. I won’t say any more at this point.

I’m terribly excited to get started — but I want to have all the major kinks worked out in advance. It will be a standalone, and it won’t exceed 100K, so it should take me a lot less to reach a read-worthy state, than it took me the first time around, what with my steep learning curve and endless tweaking.

In the mean time,I’ll be busy beta-reading YOUR manuscripts and having a 1 month vacation (the very first in a long and eventful year) with this little strawberry:

Sonja Sicoe

I’ll be back mid-September with new blog posts and a ton of lessons learned. Have an awesome August, everyone!


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4 thoughts on “A BIG THANKS, and a little teaser

  1. I seriously considered asking. But I am on the verge of my first publish through Smashwords and diligently working on the sequel. I realized that I would be over extending myself and everything and everyone would suffer for it. Hope your beta read goes well.


  2. Shut-up! How did that little berry get so big and so cute while I only (I swear!) turned my back for a moment?
    Vero, in all honesty, you are goooooooood. I’m your little American (Texan) cheerleader. This (publishing/fame/awesome recognition) will happen for you, I have no doubt.
    Plus, you have the best attitude. I have learned a lot from you just from that attribute alone.
    All best,


    1. Thanks, Corutney! Your feedback on my MS has always helped me turn things up a notch.
      And yup – she’s all grown up now, can walk on her own, steal the remote to change the channel and then hide it from us, giggle, smear food in her hair, and do differential equations at the same time. Mommy’s so proud! 😀


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