Freelance science-fiction editor wanted

editingI’m currently neck-deep in my 6th (!!) revision of THE DEEP LINK, and I’ll be done in about two weeks. I’ve trimmed down the MS from 150K to 125K, and will likely take it to <120K. I’ve edited it as good as I can, taking into consideration the awesome feedback of no less than 14 beta readers. (Thank you!)

As you know, there’s only so much a writer can improve on his own MS, so I’m looking for a freelance editor.

Recommendations wanted!

Or if you’re an editor yourself, please don’t hesitate to leave your website & contact info so I can check you out.

My needs & expectations are as follows:

line editing of 120K adult science-fiction novel, likely two passes (you can read a pitch for THE DEEP LINK here)

– at least some experience editing science-fiction novels (credentials & testimonials very much welcome)

– decent, affordable rates

I know editors aren’t cheap. They do invaluable work and ought to be compensated accordingly. But I also can’t afford to pay a fortune for the edits on my first self-published novel. I’ve checked out some rather “famous” editors with huge lists of clients, and I’d have to sell a kidney to afford them. I’m looking for someone who can do a good job without obliterating my piggy bank (I still need to get a professional cover!).

– I’d love to get a sample edit of my first chapter (2.1K) to check them out; not everyone will be a good match, so this only makes sense. Luckily, most editors do sample edits anyway to calculate the rate for the whole MS.

That’s it.


I’ve already sent out some emails, but obviously haven’t decided on anyone yet. There’s always more room for new acquaintances. πŸ˜‰

Throw me some suggestions.


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13 thoughts on “Freelance science-fiction editor wanted

  1. I have no recommendation on editors (the expertise of the ones I’ve worked with is more in the lit-fic area, though I vouch for them unreservedly, and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with them if you want), but I do know someone for your cover design: he’s a graphic designer with 20+ years of professional experience, and he’s done some outstanding stuff. He’s starting out on his own now, and looking for clients, so he’ll probably be open to price negotiation. Let me know if / when you’re interested, ok?


    1. Thanks, Guilie. I’m not after lit-fic editors, but I’m definitely curious about a potential cover artist. I want to get a custom made cover, a typical sci-fi cover with a portrait and some “spacy” stuff (I have a pretty good idea of how it could look), so I’m aware it will cost me quite a buck. If you think your guy would do stuff like that (and is in love with Photoshop), gimme his contact data. Thanks! πŸ™‚


  2. I might have a name for you (this editor worked on 2 novels and 1 short story of mine), so drop me an email if you’re interested πŸ˜‰
    At any rate, I’m not sure what “affordable” means to you. Regardless of the freelancer you pick, you’re likely going to spend around $1000-1200 for 120k words with a 2-pass process. Also, good editors have several months’ worth of queue for new jobs.


  3. Hi, Veronica!

    I’m actually a freelance editor, specializing in speculative fiction genres. I’ve worked on everything from paranormal romance to science fiction and everything in between. (Though science fiction is a personal favorite.) I do the full range of editing, from developmental to proofreading, and would very much be interested in working with you, depending on your turn-around needs. My website, including my rates and references, can be found here:

    Another editor you may want to check out is Caitlin Spivey of Bear and Black Dog Editing. I can vouch for her skills, and she’s comparable to the price range and ability you are looking for. I don’t know how quickly you’re hoping to get this done, so if my availability doesn’t work (or we aren’t a match), I highly recommend her. Her information is located here:


    1. Hi, Kisa! Thanks for leaving me your contact info. I’m definitely adding you to my list of potential editors. Also, great thanks for the extra recommendation. πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Kisa! I can vouch for Kisa in return that she’s extremely knowledgable and skilled, especially with longer works. πŸ™‚

        Veronica, we’d be happy to have you over at Bear and Black Dog–I’m very intrigued by the pitch! I noticed you’re looking for probably two passes, and because B&BD is a partnership of two editors, we have a package set up to allow that while keeping the price reasonable. We call it Twice Tried. One of our editors will do your developmental/first pass, the other does the line/second pass, so you get two passes and two expert perspectives. Please feel free to email me (contact [at] bearandblackdog [dot] com) for more info on that if you’re interested! Best of luck with your editor search.


  4. Did you find your editor Veronica?
    I have published about half dozen scifi books and I have also edited several for other writers. My rates are very reasonable (within the range you are looking for) and on my website at Let me know if you still need an editor.
    Lazlo Ferran


    1. Hi Lazlo,
      thanks for your comment and offer. I have already found my editor for now, but of course I still collect information on other freelancers. One can never know. πŸ™‚


  5. Hi Veronica,
    I think I can do the editing for your science fiction and fantasy books. Please let me know. I can do some sample chapters for you. If it satisfies your requirement, we can continue working together. Zwazang!


  6. Check out my website page. For complete editing or for what I call a Final Cleanup Forensic Edit after you have had an editor edit it. (depends on how good your editor is — but I would be surprised if I wouldn’t find at least a handful of issues — from my experience, many more than that, as most editors, especially “cheaper” editors, are most probably not that good, or not good enough — I am a rare exception to that rule)

    Personally, I would be suspicious and hesitant to hire someone who charges what I do, unless I absolutely could not afford otherwise, and that’s the category I fall in to, which is partly why I do what I do. I generally don’t seek work, but every once in a while I see something and let people know about me. My previous clients would probably “rave” about me. (I’m assuming)


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