Ta-daa! — THE DEEP LINK Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!

The Deep Link by Veronica Sicoe

I’ve been waiting for what feels like for-goddamn-ever to show you the cover of my debut novel THE DEEP LINK. The moment has finally arrived, and let me tell you how fucking relieved I am that it’s finally out in the open!

The work on this cover has taken no less than 2 months.

*nods emphatically*

My cover artist — Adriana Hanganu — is a hell-of-an amazing and dedicated cover artist (while I’m a pain in the ass client with my perfectionist brain-monkeys). She’s done a fantastic job of taking my sketches and descriptions and turning them into a high-quality cover. She’s professional, patient and forthcoming, and super affordable too, which is always awesome for indies. Check her out, I wholeheartedly recommend her!

I’ve also worked with a very talented digital artist and illustrator who somehow managed to reach into my brain and pull Amharr out onto his computer screen just as I envisioned him (but in much higher resolution). Tony Camehl did a phenomenal job with my alien co-protagonist ‘Amharr’, don’t you think?

*I know you’re scrolling down right now…*

*…welcome back ;)*

It’s a tricky thing, putting your aliens (or monsters or demons) on the cover, as it will influence people’s imagination. There’s always the risk that an image will hold that active imagination back, or even lead it astray, but in this case I think it will do no such thing. The illustration of Amharr on the cover of THE DEEP LINK is a very effective teaser. It’s detailed and palpable, allowing Amharr to seem almost familiar, almost easy to touch, while at the same time showcasing just enough of his alienness (and attitude) to make the reader wonder if getting that close might be a really bad idea.

Hell, I don’t know if it’s just me or not—the handful of you who’ve beta-read THE DEEP LINK will surely tell me—but I think he’s a fucking killer! (no spoiler intended)

I hope you guys love this cover as much as I do. I mean, just look at their expression!

The Deep Link by Veronica Sicoe

It even has its own page now, with a 3D mock-up and blurb and everything!

Oh, and—

THE DEEP LINK is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Amazon Buy Button

Official release day is the 15th of June 2015.


I’ve decided to put the book up for pre-order for several reasons.

Mostly it’s because I couldn’t wait to set that beast free (after all these years of keeping it bottled up while I worked toward my “official debut” *cringes at the term*). But also because I need to take some workload off the actual release day (or days) or I’ll go fucking bonkers. I have a full-time job and a toddler, and I’m not in the same time-zone as most of y’all. And I’m very fond of my remaining sanity. (still)

That’s why: pre-order to the rescue!


What have I been doing? Well, you know, nothing much really, just saving kittens and PUBLISHING A BOOK. *har har* I’m a Published Author TM now. A bona fide AW-THOR! *mwar-har-har snort*

Yeah… Sooo,

*wait for it*

*waaaaaait for it*





*coughs out a slimy salesy bullfrog*

*drops it on the ground*

*splats it with her boot*

I’ll have none of that! I’m not gonna magically mutate into a defective marketing bullhorn blaring idiotic sales pitches into people’s faces. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to, but it’s a fucking stupid impulse that needs to be nipped in the bud.

So beyond reminding people that my book exists now and then, and getting my ass right back into that chair and writing the next book (not with my actual ass, you know, with my hands), I won’t be doing any in-yo-face marketing, especially not on social media.

I’m still considering organized blog tours, and maybe a fun Facebook release party to play some games and entertain those who’ve supported me all this time. And I’m setting up an Author Newsletter filled with free goodies (more on that in a couple of days). But no salesy yapping.

Oh! And I’ll probably do giveaways once the print version’s out. And promotions! Contests! And some swag!

Mmmm swag… *Homer Simpson drool*


Where were we?

Cover reveal!


You likey? 🙂

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

13 thoughts on “Ta-daa! — THE DEEP LINK Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!

  1. Nice cover. Attracts attention, easy to read, interesting portrayal of Amharr. I’m happy to have an image in my head that defines what he looks like.
    Good luck Ms. New Author!
    Let me know how your marketing goes…arrh har harr. That’s my hardest challenge. Persistence is key.


    1. Thanks, Evelyn! Yes, I’m quite sure everyone imagined him differently. 😀

      My only real expectation from an illustration of him was that it not be cliché but also not too inhuman, and most of all, not create a false expectation from his character. And I think my illustrator nailed it! 🙂


  2. Vero,

    Big congratulations on completing your novel! Now…two more? I think you’re an amazing planner and plotter to know just where this is going. Your cover is very compelling and I like that the “alien” looks something like us, or how we might look with built-in air-cleaners. Our current form is no good at all for filtering allergens (Bad allergy season here.)


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