Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!

I’ve been neck-deep in the best part of being a sci-fi writer, and that is writing my next book — the second book in The Ascendancy Trilogy, and Taryn’s rocket-launch into being a kick-ass heroine!

I’m so excited about book #2 I can barely rip myself away from the MS to do anything else (like blog, read, feed my kid…). If things go well, and I manage to remain functional, I’ll have this book out in your hands early next year. ^_^

So no new blog post on sci-fi or technical goodies this time, but I haven’t been completely absent either, so I give you NEWS & UPDATES:


My post on How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages was reblogged on SciFiIdeas.com (@SciFi_Ideas) and is hopefully helping other writers with their worldbuilding. Those guys have some really crazy alien profile entries for this year’s competition!

I got interviewed by fellow writer & flaming redhead A. A. Woods (@aawoodswrites) on her blog’s Writer Wednesday feature. She had some awesome questions, and I got to talk about important things like motivation and developing your own writing process. Thanks for having me, Audrey!

I also had MY VERY FIRST PODCAST on the Resolute Writer (@resolutewriter) podcast and blog! I got to talk about creating aliens, developing civilizations, coming up with names, and more — and just had a lot of fun, despite the impending Alien Robot Apocalypse. Big thanks to Matt for featuring me, and I hope his followers (and you all) are not too shocked at my freaky accent! 😀



It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and still a lot more busyness to come — especially on the writing front — which makes me both very happy and very tired. I will have some more awesome news soon, but until then please excuse me while I go ENSLAVE SOME NEW WORLDS! *ahem*

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3 thoughts on “Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!

  1. It seems the site has been shut down. Are the any other way of listening to the podcast? Im quite interested in that “frankensteinian” accent.^^


    1. Oh, drat. You’re right. It seems Matt took his site down, and suspended his social media accounts as well. Thanks for letting me know, I hadn’t noticed. I’ll try to get the recording from him.


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