THE PRIME RIFT cover reveal & blurb

The Prime Rift, by Veronica Sicoe

It’s finally here! The brand new cover of book #2 in my Ascendancy trilogy: The Prime Rift!


I think Taryn looks great, and I couldn’t be happier! Big thanks to my cover artist, Adriana Hanganu!

The Prime Rift will be released before the end of this year (*wipes sweat off her brow*), and hopefully make for an exciting read. I sure had a blast writing it!

Now look at this! Look-look-look:

*swoons like a school-girl*

The Prime Rift - Veronica Sicoe - cover for blog



I’ve also squeezed my brain dry writing the blurb. I even went back to make improvements on the blurb of the first book in my Ascendancy trilogy, The Deep Link.

However much I love writing science-fiction (and I do, even when I’m struggling), writing blurbs is just… ugh. It’s damn hard. Not so much because of the tiny space, but because I’m so close to the story I can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m never really sure if it works for others. And I need to know. I need to sleep at night. *look at my eye twitching*

So I’m sharing both my blurbs with you guys, in the hopes that you may point out what I’m missing. Or where I could make things better. Or just tell me you love them and want to buy all my stuff! *Ahem*

Seriously though, ANY feedback is highly appreciated.

(And don’t worry, I have a thick hide. What I don’t have is objectivity. *pout*)



Grown up among aliens, Taryn Harber knows humanity must one day become part of galactic society.

But we are far from ready.

Human colonies are controlled by the TMC, a xenophobic and vicious organization Taryn has fought against all her life. So when a resistance cell calls on her for an illegal first contact mission, Taryn is instantly game.

But her dream of forging an alliance with powerful aliens quickly becomes a nightmare. She finds herself linked to the ruthless warlord Amharr, an alien killing machine who could destroy humanity on a whim.

Taryn will go down fighting before she surrenders to the monster invading her mind.

In her struggle to turn things around, Taryn finds he has irreversibly changed her, and she has in turn changed him. Their Link is turning her into a weapon, one that even her fellow humans are ready to kill for. And the callous world-slayer Amharr, who had no regard for another’s life before, has become her last hope.



Taryn has fought tooth and nail to free a human colony from the xenophobic TMC. And with the help of the rogue warlord Amharr, she’s finally succeeded.

Now she must free the other colonies too—before the Ascendancy’s world-crushing ships reach human space.

Taryn is facing her biggest challenge yet, and she must do it alone.

Her Link to Amharr—her most powerful weapon—is slowly killing him, and the only way to save him is to let him go.
The AIs who previously helped her now seem to follow their own agenda, deceiving and forsaking her.
And the sadistic TMC General who almost destroyed the colony has now come for her, unleashing a terrible threat that could destroy everything.

With time running out, Taryn must fight all fronts on her own.



Thoughts? Suggestions? Rotten tomatoes?

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

10 thoughts on “THE PRIME RIFT cover reveal & blurb

  1. Hey Veronica! Love both your blurbs! Both books sound super amazing.

    My comments:

    In the first one, I would change “quickly becomes her last hope” to “has become her last hope.” The “quickly” makes it sound over-dramatized and isn’t really necessary.

    In the second one, I would end at “Taryn must fight all fronts on her own”. Take out the first ‘on’ (two makes it repetitive) and the last two lines don’t add anything to the blurb (at least that I can see) and again just make it sound over-dramatized.

    One final note: is there a purpose to some of the statements being in bold? It bothers me for some reason. Feels a bit too pushy. It’s totally fine to keep it that way, but I don’t think it’s needed.

    Other that that, great job! Can’t wait to see the new one out! 😀


  2. Love the cover. I share your dislike of creating blurbs. They are hard, but you’ve done a good job. I agree with Audrey’s comments. Best of luck for the series.


  3. Hi Vero,

    Your cover is exquisite, and I love that your model has a very distinctive and engaging appearance. I find the blurbs too detailed, too many characters I haven’t met, but I might be the only reader who feels this way. I would rather see the focus stay on your MC. “She has lost her allies” would tell us her predicament without telling us who and how.


    1. Thanks, Jeanne! I think it’s a matter of taste, indeed. I had a more simple version, but other writers on KBoards said it was too cryptic and needs more specific information. *shrug*
      As long as it sounds exciting, I’m fine. 🙂


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