Science Fiction Romance MEGA SALE, February 2-4

Science Fiction Romance Mega Sale February 2016

If you like science fiction

— starships, aliens, galactic plots, strange new worlds, and cool technology —

and also want some

heart-warming romance or tasty spice

with your grand fictional escape,

then you’ll love Science Fiction Romance!

Science Fiction Romance

And what better way to give yourself some of that love, than by checking out the amazing line-up of SFR books on sale today!

These stories will excite you, make your heart beat faster, your palms sweat, and your lips tremble — in all the good ways!

Go to right now and get yourself a treat!

Open Book transparent

Happy reading!

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

4 thoughts on “Science Fiction Romance MEGA SALE, February 2-4

  1. What when you love a book sale, love sci fic, and you are a hopeless romantic person, but do _not_ like half naked beefy hunks and overly romantic kissing between heroes and heroines on the front cover ?

    For me that is a turn off – unfortunate.


      1. Hi Veronica

        “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

        I heard that many times, and yes, I have read a number of book where I wonder what the cover have to do with anything in the book 🙂

        And maybe I am too judgmental, but just can’t get my stomach right with modern books displaying bulging biceps and fair ladies in heat 🙂

        Then if the book and the text display a body in detail, heat, erotic moment, it is ok – at least my imagination can work without upset stomach 🙂

        Btw, I like the 2 covers on your books 🙂

        Best regards


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