A Brief Update From Me, and some SF love

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA for so long, it feels strangely invigorating to write a new blog post, even if it’s just a brief update. 😛

I’ve not been engaging much with the online community this year, but not because I’ve turned my back to it, or to writing SF, quite the opposite. I’ve been reading like a fury, and doing massive worldbuilding for a new series—a SFR series. Yup, that’s right. I’m transitioning from interstellar warfare and genocide, to interspecies love and intriguing mysteries. And I’m soooo excited! *bounces in her chair*

Of course this new series will be populated by many different alien species, and will be focused primarily on interspecies relationships, of the personal, intimate, as well as societal variety. Without getting too much into the specifics (because it makes me really uncomfortable to talk about projects that haven’t been released yet), I can still clarify some prelimiary things:

  1. The kind of SFR stories I’m writing are definitely not of the “blue alien hunk claims his bride” variety. They’re sexy and honest and raw at times, but of the exposed-soul and navigating-species-differences variety, not of the soft-porn-with-SF-excuse kind.
  2. The individual books will be standalones in a shared world, with already known characters shifting into secondary roles, and a subtle background thread of a common Grand Plot, but there won’t be a mandatory reading order.
  3. They will also be somewhere in the range of 70-80K and not 100-110K as my previous books, which is a really nice thing for me both from a planning and revising perspective.
  4. I will—in full posession of my mental faculties and with full knowledge of the implications & consequences *cough*—produce this series entirely on my own, start-to-end, draft-to-edit-to-book cover, with just the help of fellow authors and some nifty skills I can barter. My intention is to see if I can do this with little-to-no costs up front, and in full control of all aspects of the process. It’s a totally gung-ho endeavor *squee*, and given my approach to publishing in general, I am sooo looking forward to it I’m already rolling up my sleeves and salivating. I will, of course, document everything with clear instructions, so that those of you who aren’t scared of getting down in the technical trenches can make informed decisions whether it’s something they want to try or not.

I don’t have a publishing schedule yet, but my basic plan is to write at least 2 books before I begin to publish the series, so I can make a much clearer estimation of how much time & effort I need, and when exactly in the process I can begin to make noise about each book.


Big plans, with very interesting process changes lying ahead, and the best part of it >> no performance pressure this time. Just FUN, storytelling, characters, interspecies love and acceptance, packed into galaxy-spanning adventures. Whee!

I assume my perfectionism will rear its ugly head now and then, but I plan on playing whack-a-mole with a sledgehammer.

Wish me luck! 🙂


In other news, the existence and upcoming release of a new SF anthology has been brought to my attention, and I want to spread the word about it, because — SF stories! Transhumanism! World-changing technology! Yay!!

So without further ado, here are the goodies:

Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology

As technology progresses, so does its connection with mankind. Augmentations, cybernetics, artificial intelligence filling the void that the absence of flesh will leave behind. In Transhumanism, we fine our imminent future. Whether this future is to be feared or rejoiced, depends on the individual.

Will technology replace mankind? If AI becomes self-aware, is a war imminent?

Gehenna & Hinnom is proud to present the Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology, the most comprehensive telling of our species’ future ever to be read by non-cybernetic eyes.

Become one with Transcendance.

Embrace the Unknown.

And the official 411:

C.P. Dunphey, critically acclaimed author of Plane Walker and editor of the bestselling Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology and Hinnom Magazine¸ has collected 25+ stories from the best up-and-coming authors in science fiction for Gehenna & Hinnom’s sophomore collection, The Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology.

From veteran award-winning authors like Julie Novakova, to popular horror authors like Chad Lutzke, the anthology presents no shortage of entertaining, mind-bending science fiction. From tales of virtual realities gone awry to cautionary stories about humanity’s absence in the face of technology, science fiction readers of all audiences will love this collection.


Sounds good, right? The anthology is available for preorder on Amazon, and will be officially released on November 30th. Definitely worth a try. 😉

As for me, I’m sliding back into my creative cave where planets are currently being terraformed and space-stations populated. I wish you guys a great time this holiday season, with as much—or as little—productivity as you need.

And don’t forget:

“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.”
~ Groucho Marx

Keep doing what you love, and … see you next year!

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Update From Me, and some SF love

  1. “I’m already rolling up my sleeves and salivating” Messy creature. Best of luck with this, Vero. Looking forward to it. Ref reading, have you read China Mieville’s ‘Perdido Street Station?’ If I remember correctly it has a superbly imagined human/insectoid relationship.


    1. Hey Mike! 🙂
      I haven’t read Perdido Street Station, mostly because last time I tried to read China Mieville I had serious difficulties warming up to his writing style. But he’s still there on my ginormous TBR list.


  2. Your new series sounds really cool! I look forward to reading it. And I love the idea that you don’t have to read the books in any particular order. That seems like a smart way to write a series.


  3. Hi Veronica,

    Have fun writing 🙂

    “blue alien hunk claims his bride”. Well, good, because it mostly seems boring (to me) when I stumble upon such writing 🙂

    Currently putting effort into my own Human-Alien series. The Aliens there have no interest in sex – it seems to a primitive way of expression/propagation only used by humans.

    Kind regards


  4. Ah… creating fictional aliens… a fun thing to do. The hard part is making them act alien… since we only know two life forms well enough to copy.

    1. Humans.

    2. Animals.

    I have experimented with both, and mixed the two and found of the two, humans are far more interesting.

    Thus I finally ended up just picking a single word that defines what my fictional alien race’s purpose is and based them upon that.

    Here is just an example:

    Location: A barren planet like mars. Two astronauts, one human, another a humanoid alien stand on the surface. They are both wearing space suits and are near a large dusty red rock. The alien grasps a device with four tentacles, pointing it at the the large rock.

    Human: “Why do you care about this rock anyway? Is is really important?”

    Alien: “Obviously it isn’t to you.”

    Human: “So tell me. Why is this sooo important to you?”

    “That will cost you fifty credits.”

    “Fine.” the human says and pushes a few buttons on his electronic pad device.

    The alien responds after seeing a confirmation message on his helmet glass.

    “I have set aside an hour a day for a month to research everything there is to know about this rock. I would appreciate it if you support me if you are going to be with me. Otherwise I rather you leave me alone.”

    “You still have not told me why you care so much about this.”

    “You neither I have unlimited time, do we? I cannot know all because I do not have unlimited time, so I choose to learn what I want and leave it at that.”

    “Surely there are more interesting things than this… rock.”

    “All things are interesting to me, and not just me, all of (my races name).”

    “So you really do care? About this rock?”

    “Yes. Has the connection between getting credits and information escaped you? You didn’t get my answer freely, did you?”

    “I see. It’s all about the money.”

    “If you want to know more, I would gladly explain how mistaken you are.”

    “Nah. I’ll keep my credits.”

    In that little paragraph… what do we know about these fictional aliens?

    1. Information is can be bought, even in casual conversation. Thus the flow of information is anything but free among them.

    2. They schedule their time precisely around whatever they are researching.

    Secret stuff only the author knows that the reader would figure out on their own in time: The word that describes the aliens best that is what they are based upon is EXPLORER. They don’t learn about, travel, or seek new experiences because they want to. They do so because they must. No they won’t die if they don’t explore, but the will be unhappy if they aren’t allowed to. And since unlike humans, they have an interest in EVERYTHING, they have to be selective.

    So many more alien type acting can be achieved with using other word types or concepts as a base.

    Like majority rule as a concept, or survival of the fittest and so on. Point is, from a human point of view, anyone that doesn’t act like humans do WILL be seen as strange if not eccentric.

    That’s all for now.


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