DYSTOPIA — Aphotic Realm Magazine Vol. 4

It’s been forever and a day since my last blog post, and that’s because life is far grander than these pixels and keeps me thoroughly busy. (I’m also working on a new SF series, sshhh!)

However, since I have a great new announcement, I thought it’s time to dust off this here ol’ blog:

An article of mine called Utopia and Dystopia – The Many Faces Of The Future was included in the latest Aphotic Realm Magazine, “Dystopia.”

Aphotic Realm is a literary website and magazine dedicated to publishing fiction of the “strange and sinister” kind, written by passionate indies. AR is relatively fresh on the market, but I absolutely admire the dedication and professionalism of their team, led by A. A. Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak. So please go check out their Amazon catalog, or just grab a copy of Dystopia (Amazon US | Amazon UK).

I am thrilled and grateful to be a part of this, and I wish the Aphotic Realm team THE BEST for the future!

Published by Veronica Sicoe

Science Fiction Author — I deliver the aliens.

5 thoughts on “DYSTOPIA — Aphotic Realm Magazine Vol. 4

  1. Fabulous news, Vero! I’m thrilled to see it, but not terribly surprised. You’ve worked at this and you’re very good at it! I would love to read your article. What’s the easiest way to see it?


    1. Thanks, Jeanne! 🙂
      The magazine is in paperback and for sale on Amazon, since it’s basically a collection of short stories. My article was used as an introduction into the Dystopia genre.
      However, you can read the blog post I originally wrote, by clicking here.


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