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My name is Veronica Sicoe, and I’m a science fiction writer.

The conservative, serious kind. Obviously.

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I grew up in Transylvania with no siblings or TV distractions. I climbed a lot of trees & fell from them, fought invisible beasts and dug out treasures from other people’s gardens. I was always a curious and stubborn little kid.

Okay, fine, my parents called me the “devil child” but that’s like, days ago.


I picked up the love of storytelling from my wonderful grandpa, who always told the zaniest adventures come bedtime. He lied a lot. I also loved it a lot. I wanted to out-lie him one day, so I started practicing. I quickly discovered I could come up with much crazier shit than him, and it all went downhill from there.

Now I write space adventures with unyielding heroines, fascinating, deadly aliens, strange new cultures and scary technology.

For my day job, I work as a software quality consultant. That means I’m paid to torture software and support developers. But mostly it’s the other way around.
I currently live in Switzerland with my husband and mischievous imp lovely daughter.

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