UNSUSTAINABLE civilizations

As you might know, one of my favorite bands is Muse, and their song Unsustainable gave me the idea for today’s post. Let’s speculate a tiny bit on the idea, which goes like this (and is also how the song begins): All natural and technological processes proceed in such a way, that the availability of the remaining energy decreases. InContinue reading “UNSUSTAINABLE civilizations”


In science-fiction, we often venture to alien worlds or lifeless planets and settle there, building colonies or transforming the worlds in their entirety to support human life. The transformation of a planet’s entire ecosystem to sustain human life, and most likely Terran flora and fauna as well, is called terraforming. There are different ways to terraformContinue reading “TERRAFORMING planets”

For the love of SPACE OPERA

Space opera is my favorite science-fiction subgenre. Heck, it’s my favorite genre altogether. It’s got everything in it that I could possibly want, from technological innovations (just like hard sci-fi but without all the science-talk), to action and romance, incredible stakes and mesmerizing worlds. And very often really cool aliens. But T.D. Wilson says it best:Continue reading “For the love of SPACE OPERA”

The RESEARCH factor

How could I go through a whole range of science-fiction topics without mentioning research? It’s the main source of nourishment and inspiration, and it can sometimes be just as fun as writing the story. Okay, admitted, it’s also extremely easy to get lost in research, get entangled in wild speculations and come up with 10Continue reading “The RESEARCH factor”

13 QUANTUM LEAPS of futuristic deliciousness

Quantum leaps are jumps from one state to another, preferably from a state of general laziness to one of ultimate productivity (har-har) or from our good old boring present, to the fantastic and awesome future. A quantum leap, in an evolutionary sense, is a game-changing amount of progress in a relatively short time. Humanity hasContinue reading “13 QUANTUM LEAPS of futuristic deliciousness”