PORTALS in science-fiction

Portals in science-fiction are technological doorways that connect two separate locations in space and/or time. They usually consist of at least two connected (or attuned) gateways which can establish communication with one another, and transfer matter from one to the other. Portals usually work by stretching a wormhole between them, which allows them to send andContinue reading “PORTALS in science-fiction”

The ORIGINS of your alien species

A comment I’ve recently received on an older post of mine (13 Aspects About Aliens You Shouldn’t Ignore) reminded me about the importance of knowing the origin of your alien species when you sit down to write science-fiction. This guy spent a lot of thought on the origin of his aliens, and even though I haven’tContinue reading “The ORIGINS of your alien species”

Human NATURE and the many ways to tinker with it

Ever since we learned how to hold tools in our hands, we’ve been tinkering with ourselves. And the more we learn, the more we want to tinker. Some would use advances in medicine for very… awkward purposes, while others would misuse them to sadistically harm others in the name of scientific discovery, but it’s doubtlessContinue reading “Human NATURE and the many ways to tinker with it”


As we evolve and become more technological, our need for habitable space and energy continuously increases. Enter — megastructures. Megastructures are artificial habitats of gigantic proportions, built to expand our territory without us having to fly out and colonize alien worlds. They range from modest sub-lunar sizes, to galaxy-encompassing constructions. Bernal Spheres A quite ingenious construction,Continue reading “MEGASTRUCTURES”

The flexible definition of LIFE

Life, by our current understanding, is the quality which separates organized organic matter from inorganic matter—plants and animals from rocks and dirt. Life includes the capacity of growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continuous change toward death. But we’ll probably have to redefine life once artificial life is added to the picture. …Intelligent robots that canContinue reading “The flexible definition of LIFE”