The KARDASHEV Scale (types 0 to VI)

In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev figured that civilizations can be categorized by the total amount of energy available to them. He defined three levels of civilizations based on their capacity to harness and use power. These have since been expanded by another four (in light of the increasingly wild speculations spawned by marrying mathematicsContinue reading “The KARDASHEV Scale (types 0 to VI)”

Future JUNKIES and cyber highs

A post about junkies? Really? Yes. Because the future leaves no one untouched. (How’s that for drama?) Drug abuse has evolved tremendously over the past millennia. So much so, that it’s even argued to be an integral part of human evolution. And you can’t deny it’s part of us someway, since we’ve loved smoking, sniffingContinue reading “Future JUNKIES and cyber highs”

INTERSPECIES information exchange

I love aliens in science-fiction. The more alien, the better. But the problem is: the more alien, the more difficult they are to handle well. One of the biggest problems with human-alien clashes is the communications barrier, and along with it, the information exchange problem. After we manage to establish communication with aliens, via language, gestures,Continue reading “INTERSPECIES information exchange”

The many uses of HOLOGRAMS in science-fiction

If you know who that is up there, you’re geekaliciously awesome and I love you! *fist-bump* So — holograms. In the sci-fi sense, not the scientifically correct holographic sense. Star Trek made holograms commonplace. By far the most famous hologram out there is the Voyager’s EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram), or simply: our good old Doctor. But apart from torturingContinue reading “The many uses of HOLOGRAMS in science-fiction”

A fun list of science-fiction GENRE puppies

Okay, I may have cheated with that title a bit. So sue me. There are about as many science-fiction SUBGENRES as there are sci-fi novels out there. Maybe more. Maybe I’m wrong. Whatever. There’s plenty of them, and they’re only increasing in numbers every time an author comes up with something weird and fantastic andContinue reading “A fun list of science-fiction GENRE puppies”