Negativity And The Writing World

If you’ve watched the online writer communities, you might have noticed a trend in the last year. I don’t mean author branding or indie publishing, even though they had quite a part. I’m talking about the negativity that spread out like a plague all over healthy writer platforms, forums and blogs. Something like… Publishing isn’t whatContinue reading “Negativity And The Writing World”

13 Myths About Writing

Without further ado, here’s a list of screwy myths about writing fiction and the madmen who do it.   1. Writing is a solitary activity Just because we sit in front of the computer a lot doesn’t mean we’re isolated. Sure, once upon a time when writers had only pen and paper, or typewriters ifContinue reading “13 Myths About Writing”


In the beginning was the word. Then came the spellchecker, google web fonts and all that other stuff. But fact is, the word has always shaped reality for us carbon-based bipeds, and it’s become especially powerful in today’s communication driven society. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we live in a logocracy. And that’s greatContinue reading “Logocracy”

Writing Is Your Job

Are you a published writer who earns enough from putting your wordsmithy out there to live off it? Then you’re one of the few lucky scribblers who managed to swim up on the other shore of the treacherous Amazon river (pun intended) and you can go applaud yourself. This blog post, however, is for theContinue reading “Writing Is Your Job”