Writer’s Neurosis 101

It happens to everyone. Things get a little too much sometimes, especially when you’re spread thin. And before you can catch yourself, you’re flying around ass upwards in a hurricane. I’m not a stranger to that. It happens very rarely, and I usually deal with it in the privacy of my own mind. Except… nowContinue reading “Writer’s Neurosis 101”


Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous, heart-breaking six word story, the art of writing extremely short fiction (or microfiction, nanofiction, short short stories, flash fiction etc.) has come to conquer all of today’s genres as a form of storytelling haiku. There are several forms of very short fiction, from vignettes and stories told with a mere handfulContinue reading “Microfiction”

13 Reasons You Should Quit Writing

Or 13 reasons you should at least reconsider your career choice. Or your attitude. And in some cases, your sanity. Let’s face it, there are more writers out there than anyone can count, and some of them should really just do themselves and the rest of us a favor and stop. The question is—are youContinue reading “13 Reasons You Should Quit Writing”

Tune Into My Madness

So I’m sitting there, typing my WIP into my WriteMonkey, grinning at one of my many screens at da job while trying to look mighty busy with super important revolutionary byte-vs-pixel-business, when I notice a new blog post pop up in my iGoogle widget. Jay Noel, the Mechanica freak who’s been parading pure temptation inContinue reading “Tune Into My Madness”

You Should Listen To Yoda

At least now I know why some letters are at the end of the alphabet. Isn’t there a law against writing stuff that sounds funky only to satisfy a board of committees you can’t throw your shoe at? There should be. If you ever find yourself in this situation, un-shoe, pull off sock, build aContinue reading “You Should Listen To Yoda”