13 Warning Signs You’re A Writer

We all think we’re writers, but are we really sure? How can we know? Beside the constant scribbling and the dubious interest in atypical murder weapons, here’s a top 13 of the most serious warning signs that you’re a writer.     – 13 – Pacing isn’t a nervous habit but a necessity – –Continue reading “13 Warning Signs You’re A Writer”

Show Us Your Words – The Lucky 7 Meme

I’ve just found out there’s this cool little tagging game between blogging writers—The Lucky 7 Meme—thanks to Kern Windwraith and her awesomely titled blog, The Odd Particle. The rules are as follows: Go to page 7 or 77 of your current MS/WIP, or go to line 7 (for short fiction) Copy down the next 7Continue reading “Show Us Your Words – The Lucky 7 Meme”

13 Myths About Writing

Without further ado, here’s a list of screwy myths about writing fiction and the madmen who do it.   1. Writing is a solitary activity Just because we sit in front of the computer a lot doesn’t mean we’re isolated. Sure, once upon a time when writers had only pen and paper, or typewriters ifContinue reading “13 Myths About Writing”