Here’s to good friends and good stories!

Hi guys! I’m just peeking in from a very foggy Transylvania to wish you all: Happy Holydays! I hope you have a great, heart-warming time with your loved ones. May you eat well, drink properly, and enjoy yourselves in your corner of the world! I also want to thank you all for your sustained support of my writing & my blog. IContinue reading “Here’s to good friends and good stories!”

The Power of MOMENTUM, and the Triple C Of Productivity

Over the past couple of months I’ve been neck deep in planning, drafting and editing book #2 in my Ascendancy Trilogy, and I’ve learned a great deal about writing productivity. And quite a bit about how perfectionism plays into—or rather against it. It’s no secret I have an issue with perfectionist thinking, as it’s one of theContinue reading “The Power of MOMENTUM, and the Triple C Of Productivity”

Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!

I’ve been neck-deep in the best part of being a sci-fi writer, and that is writing my next book — the second book in The Ascendancy Trilogy, and Taryn’s rocket-launch into being a kick-ass heroine! I’m so excited about book #2 I can barely rip myself away from the MS to do anything else (like blog, read, feed my kid…). If thingsContinue reading “Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!”

First week of #NaNoWriMo whacked me smack in the back of my neck

I appologize for that insulting rhyme in the headline, but holy fucksocks this week turned my writing philosophies inside out! Whatever I thought I knew, whatever I proudly proclaimed to have understood about Writing from working on my first novel (The Deep Link), I just realized is a handfull of smoke wafting through my brain. Figures of fog that you can’t holdContinue reading “First week of #NaNoWriMo whacked me smack in the back of my neck”

Songs that shape our writing

I always write with my headphones on. Various strange tunes blare into my tympanic cavities at any given time, making my neurons dance. I work with music and write with music, but I’m not one of those zombies walking down the street with their earplugs wedged into their brain. (I never got that; are they trying to escape reality? Does every move theyContinue reading “Songs that shape our writing”