A BIG THANKS, and a little teaser

To be honest, I was really scared of putting up a public request for beta readers. I was fairly sure no one would want to invest their time & energy into beta-reading my first novel, except maybe for a friend or two. So I am immensely grateful for the many offers I’ve received! I can’tContinue reading “A BIG THANKS, and a little teaser”

Of ambition, shame and exercising patience

Thanks for all the awesome responses to my writing status inquiry post! You guys rock on so many levels. Also, you’re at such varying stages of your paths through this murky, often scary writing world, that I feel there’s a richness to your combined experiences which I couldn’t possibly make on my own, not in the limited amount of timeContinue reading “Of ambition, shame and exercising patience”

Where are you on your writing path?

I’ve met a great many wonderful writers through this here blog, and I’m very thankful for your support, your informed opinions and your fresh perspective on things. You make this blogging thing all worth-while for me. 🙂 But sometimes I feel like I don’t know you as well as I’d like. And unfortunately, you don’t knowContinue reading “Where are you on your writing path?”

A to Z Challenge insanity – 2014 edition

I’m doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this April again, along with *gasp* over 1’800 other bloggers! YAAY! Also — OMG I’m batshit crazy for doing this on top of everything else I’ve got going at the moment. Luckily, crazy comes naturally to me. So — yaay! This means that for the whole monthContinue reading “A to Z Challenge insanity – 2014 edition”

13 Things every writer needs to hear

We writers are incredibly creative when it comes to finding reasons why we suck, our work sucks, our career sucks, the whole goddamn industry sucks. It’s much harder to come up with good reasons why things ain’t that bad after all, why we aren’t the worst possible use of space and oxygen, why our workContinue reading “13 Things every writer needs to hear”