An Outline In Time, Saves Nine (freakin drafts)

I finally crossed into the last third of my WIP with my massive revision! Yaay!!! Woohoo!!! *throws papers up in the air* *dances on her manuscript* Now, let me explain why this means so much to me. I started my revision (draft#2) before truly finishing my analysis of draft#1, because I just burned to makeContinue reading “An Outline In Time, Saves Nine (freakin drafts)”

6 Things I Want To Blog About That Are NOT Writing Advice

Enough with the unqualified lecturing on the MECHANICS of that magical thing we love to do so much. It’s time I devote my attention to the FUEL part of it, the things that inspire me and keep me going. Of course I will continue to share awesome writing tips and tricks as I discover and tryContinue reading “6 Things I Want To Blog About That Are NOT Writing Advice”

Is this what being a “real writer” is all about?

I’ve been wondering lately if I’m a real writer. Not a deep, existential level of wondering, like Am I a real person or a figment of some stoned alien’s imagination? I’m just questioning the generally accepted definition of “true writerhood”, and dispatching it from my mind. According to the almighty internet, a “real writer” livesContinue reading “Is this what being a “real writer” is all about?”

Dealing With Perfectionism As A Writer

The biggest problem of every perfectionist is that even things which are supposed to be fun, things which should fill us with joy and free our spirit, can become a chore. We can’t do stuff without worrying how well we’re doing, how useful it is, or how much it matters. We’re always trying to outsmartContinue reading “Dealing With Perfectionism As A Writer”

The importance of protecting our inner peace

I’ve never quite managed to take a real break from writing. Not because I write every day (I certainly don’t), but because even after weeks or months of not putting in any wordcount, I still think of my story, my ambitions and all the work I still need to do. Always have. And while itContinue reading “The importance of protecting our inner peace”