Confessions of a converted structuralist, or How I realized the error of my ways

I always thought I was a plotter, an outliner, a planner. Not a pantser. Not someone who discovers her story while she writes it, but someone who plans ahead and always knows which way the story goes. The premeditated kind. I thought this because I had a scene-by-scene outline of the entire novel as I wrote theContinue reading “Confessions of a converted structuralist, or How I realized the error of my ways”

Villains – Do you keep or kill them?

First, a sad little announcement—I might not be able to keep up with my twice-a-week blogging schedule in the coming few months, due to some unforeseen events, such as the brain surgery my pet cockroach performed on himself, and which turned him into an evil mastermind out for world domination. Thus I’m regretfully announcing IContinue reading “Villains – Do you keep or kill them?”

Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility

Does authority give someone credibility? I think the grand majority of people agree that it does. Does it give someone default credibility regardless of the validity of their specific statements? I strongly assume that to be the case as well. People tend to accept ideas and arguments more readily if they come from an authorityContinue reading “Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility”

13 Geeky Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

Everyone gets stuck now and then, it’s normal. There are countless ways to get unstuck again, but I believe the best cure for it is the geeky child within us. Not some illusive secret, not some magic trick, not some philosophical thinky-thoughts, and certainly not resignation to the idea and trudging along anyway as ifContinue reading “13 Geeky Ways To Beat Writer’s Block”

Mission Debriefing – What 2012 Meant To Me

I have many things to be grateful for, and most of them happened this past year. It was a wild ride, I can tell you that, quite scary and humbling at times, often instructional, and always exciting. I’ve grown out of my old skin and started actively pursuing my dream, and it’s given me muchContinue reading “Mission Debriefing – What 2012 Meant To Me”