The Power of Adaptation

This should be the keyword of the modern writer, adaptation. It’s the coolest, creepiest and most useful feature of all kickass organisms and it should definitely be a default skill of the modern writer, because it means you “figure out how to thrive in the world” and you push through ahead of anyone who doesn’t.Continue reading “The Power of Adaptation”

13 Things I Just Can’t Do Anymore

Getting serious about my writing has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve crossed a threshold of squirmish indecisiveness that I just can’t uncross, and I sure as hell don’t ever want to. It’s been about a year since I started standing up for it publicly — and what I notice most beside theContinue reading “13 Things I Just Can’t Do Anymore”

I’m Dying To Know!

I’m sitting here wondering what to blog of next that I’m excited about, but all I can focus on are these damn questions. Inquiries, issues, wonderings, spinning around in my head, turning my thought-factory to neuron sludge. Before they burst out of my forehead and ruin a perfectly good electronic equipment, I’m handing them overContinue reading “I’m Dying To Know!”

Why Blogging About Writing Is Like Riding An Ostrich

Mostly, it feels like all the blogs and websites are just whooshing down some crazy information highway. Some people know what they’re doing and have the race cars to get there, while others just roll along in their minivans, or on their environmentally friendly bikes, getting forward in their own time. It’s an awesome, collaborativeContinue reading “Why Blogging About Writing Is Like Riding An Ostrich”