Writing Taglines and Loglines for THE DEEP LINK

I’m getting ready to self-publish my first sci-fi novel THE DEEP LINK soon, and I’m preparing all sorts of materials beforehand, like: bios of various lengths, a synopsis under 1K (in case I need to convince a very busy, professional book reviewer that my self-published novel is worth their time) several versions of back cover copy (or blurbs) asContinue reading “Writing Taglines and Loglines for THE DEEP LINK”

The Difference Between Marketing And Spamming

In one word? Generosity. It’s that simple. Whenever you vet a marketing tool or strategy, ask yourself ‘What’s in it for the others?’ not just ‘How can I turn this into sales?’ What will this offer my readers? (It doesn’t have to be an actual thing like an object; a unique experience, inspiration, fresh perspective or an A-HA moment can be just asContinue reading “The Difference Between Marketing And Spamming”

How To Clean Up Your Manuscript Formatting In MS Word

If you want to submit your manuscript to an editor, an agent, or a publisher, OR If you want to self-publish, and want to be ready for all the ebook & print formatting that come next, I’ve got some good news! You can stop googling and ripping your hair out now. Just follow these simple steps to clean up your manuscript. 1. The following thingsContinue reading “How To Clean Up Your Manuscript Formatting In MS Word”