Writers Create Fiction, They Don’t Prove Facts (redux)

I’m still wondering about the expectations and priorities of writers in general, and of science-fiction writers in particular. My sincere apologies if this seems repetitive, but I need to set a few things straight before I move on, otherwise this thingum will gnaw at me and suck much needed neuronal capacity away from my revision.Continue reading “Writers Create Fiction, They Don’t Prove Facts (redux)”

From Mainstream Science To Hackneyed Science-Fiction

Science-fiction writers have an enormous advantage over scientists, but unfortunately most of us don’t realize it, and the rest don’t exploit it to its full extent. It’s something most scientists lack, it’s the cause of their limitations, compromises and inflexibility, and the main reason today’s mainstream scientific theory about the workings and origin of theContinue reading “From Mainstream Science To Hackneyed Science-Fiction”

13 More Aspects About Aliens That You Should Consider

Here’s a new list of Alien Aspects in addition to the 13 Aspects About Aliens You Shouldn’t Ignore from earlier this year. I’ve promised Peter Cawdron I’d write one, so here you have it. Several extraterrestrial creatures were (un)intentionally killed in the creation of this post, and a small inhabited planet was destroyed. The courseContinue reading “13 More Aspects About Aliens That You Should Consider”

How Much Science in Science-Fiction?

Science is what separates sci-fi from fantasy, and its usually the nature, plausibility and degree of scientific detail that tiers the genre into several “levels”. Hard sci-fi is the one with the balls of steel in that respect, but what about the other subgenres? How important is the plausibility, and by extension the probability, ofContinue reading “How Much Science in Science-Fiction?”

Top 5 Things I Want To See Done In Science-Fiction

I have high hopes for the science-fiction genre, more than just for fancy gadgets and galactic adventures. It’s the best genre to be writing in, and with its zoo of sub-genres there’s really nothing to hold us writers back from reaching for whatever we want—and then pumping it full of dynamite and blowing it straightContinue reading “Top 5 Things I Want To See Done In Science-Fiction”