THE PRIME RIFT is out now! Here’s a little taste…

Wheee, release day has finally come! The Prime Rift is out now on Amazon, and I’m super excited! I had a blast writing this novel. I hope it will be a fun, exciting read for you! If you’re still on the fence, here’s an excerpt from the first chapter. ūüėČ Happy reading! The Prime RiftContinue reading “THE PRIME RIFT is out now! Here’s a little taste…”

THE OTHERS – SciFi Microfiction

Writing short fiction is much¬†harder (for me, at least) that writing longer works. Short stories are an¬†intricate art-form, and the shorter they get, the more they intimidate me. But every once in a while, especially between bigger projects, I try my hand at writing shorter fiction. It makes me feel like a kid stumbling intoContinue reading “THE OTHERS – SciFi Microfiction”

Guest Post + ARC of “Dragon’s Honor” by Michaela Kendrick

Science Fiction Romance is a subgenre on the rise,¬†with many talented indies gaining ground with awesome stories and characters. I’ve always¬†been interested in the evolution of SFR, and I’m super¬†happy to hear indie success stories or¬†keep tabs on how some authors are tackling this delicate merger of¬†space battles and heart throbs. So when a fellowContinue reading “Guest Post + ARC of “Dragon’s Honor” by Michaela Kendrick”

The Prime Rift is now available for pre-order!

In light of the First In Series FREE Promotion, I’ve decided to make¬†the¬†second book in the¬†Ascendancy Trilogy,¬†THE PRIME RIFT¬†available for pre-order! It¬†was called “first in series free,” after all, and I didn’t want The Deep Link to sit¬†there¬†on my¬†virtual Amazon shelf all by its lonesome. The Promo went super great, by the way! Got overContinue reading “The Prime Rift is now available for pre-order!”

Science-Fiction & Fantasy – First in Series FREE promotion!

Today I’ve joined 51¬†other independent¬†SFF¬†authors in¬†the¬†First in Series FREE Promotion. That means for today, 3. November 2015, you can download any of the titles listed here¬†for free! And there are some amazing books among them. While some of them are always free, some will only be available for download without charge today (or for aContinue reading “Science-Fiction & Fantasy – First in Series FREE promotion!”