THE PRIME RIFT cover reveal & blurb

It’s finally here! The brand new cover of book #2 in my Ascendancy trilogy: The Prime Rift! Squee! I think Taryn looks great, and I couldn’t be happier! Big thanks to my cover artist, Adriana Hanganu! The Prime Rift will be released before the end of this year (*wipes sweat off her brow*), and hopefully makeContinue reading “THE PRIME RIFT cover reveal & blurb”

How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

It’s Alien August over at — which means a whole month of extraterrestrial goodness invading their website, and dozens of science-fiction writers filing in their creature profiles to win the grand Alien August Competition. And — squee! — an autographed copy of my novel The Deep Link is part of their Prize Package! Isn’t that awesome? Of course now is the perfect time to write a postContinue reading “How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages”

Are perfect, micromanaged worlds utopian or dystopian?

A blog reader emailed me last week with a question, and I thought I’d reply best by writing a new blog post (so you guys can peek into the discussion as well). His question was: Does living in a perfect world indicate that you indeed live in a “Utopia?” Or is a society that’s “too perfect” inContinue reading “Are perfect, micromanaged worlds utopian or dystopian?”

5 Ways in which first contact with aliens might end in disaster

Nothing makes my neurons glitter more than first contact stories, or stories involving catastrophic relations between humans and aliens. I always wanted to write about a first contact gone wrong. That’s why The Deep Link begins with a first contact disaster, but not because of some fundamental difference between humans and aliens. Because Taryn, my protagonist, is a reckless fanatic who just can’tContinue reading “5 Ways in which first contact with aliens might end in disaster”

The Deep Link RELEASE DAY! + Excerpt and Signed Copy Giveaway

It’s finally here: RELEASE DAY! The Deep Link is now available on Amazon! I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long, I’m almost at a loss what to say. Except, of course, YAAAY!!! Look, look: I made a book! 😀 Without sounding like an infatuated asshat, I’d love to thank a big bunch of extraordinary people, whose supportContinue reading “The Deep Link RELEASE DAY! + Excerpt and Signed Copy Giveaway”