Perfectionism is Murdering Your Muse

We’re all battling demons when we set out to write, but the biggest demon of all is Perfectionism. All those other ugly monsters that sit on our hunched shoulders and drill into our heads are nasty too, for sure, but this one’s their Daddy. His destructive power comes from our mistaking Perfectionism for Ambition. Mistaking his bullying for motivation. Believing thatContinue reading “Perfectionism is Murdering Your Muse”

THE EGGSHELL HERO – How to build a story upon a dramatic character arc

All good stories must have a plot — a sequence of events that is logical, inevitable, and relentlessly propells the story (and reader) forward. Mostly, the plot is external action. But sometimes—and literary writers will nod vigurously here—the plot is internal, and barely accompanied by grand outward action. Instead, it’s made of incremental revelations, decisions, and reflections, allContinue reading “THE EGGSHELL HERO – How to build a story upon a dramatic character arc”

The Special Few Who Get All The Goodies And Freebies

Let’s see if I can ease you into this slowly, ’cause it took me a while to get to terms with whether I should, could or want to create a Newsletter. I mean, what’s in it for me except more work? And more importantly, what’s in it for you? Because without you, it’d be just a waste of pixels. I got mightyContinue reading “The Special Few Who Get All The Goodies And Freebies”

Writing Taglines and Loglines for THE DEEP LINK

I’m getting ready to self-publish my first sci-fi novel THE DEEP LINK soon, and I’m preparing all sorts of materials beforehand, like: bios of various lengths, a synopsis under 1K (in case I need to convince a very busy, professional book reviewer that my self-published novel is worth their time) several versions of back cover copy (or blurbs) asContinue reading “Writing Taglines and Loglines for THE DEEP LINK”

The 7 Stages Of Novel Revision

We writers have different ways to do things, but when it gets dark and dirty, we share the same insanity and go through the same highs and lows and inevitable meltdowns. It’s heartening to see we’re not alone. But also, what the fuck, people? Hasn’t anyone figured out a fool-proof, three step way to go from sketchContinue reading “The 7 Stages Of Novel Revision”