Freelance science-fiction editor wanted

I’m currently neck-deep in my 6th (!!) revision of THE DEEP LINK, and I’ll be done in about two weeks. I’ve trimmed down the MS from 150K to 125K, and will likely take it to <120K. I’ve edited it as good as I can, taking into consideration the awesome feedback of no less than 14 beta readers. (Thank you!) As you know, there’s onlyContinue reading “Freelance science-fiction editor wanted”

Writing Advice Books – I Read Them All (I’d wish..)

Hey everyone! Long time, no post, eh? Well, you know how it goes, the holidays happened, monkey family business, life, procrastination — the lot. But I’m back, and to flex my blogging fingers, here’s a list of all writing advice books I’ve read so far. I sprinkled them with my own opinion, but regardless of that, all of theseContinue reading “Writing Advice Books – I Read Them All (I’d wish..)”

Finding a strategy for NaNoWriMo

This year’s NaNoWriMo is going to be tackled by a well prepared, fiercely motivated and unappologetic me. And I’m going to goddamn finish it, holding a hefty chunk of novel draft in my cramped hands, or else! Because this November I’m diving into the horror corner of science-fiction, and that requires careful planning (yay), a lot of mischievous plotting (yay!),Continue reading “Finding a strategy for NaNoWriMo”

Beta-reading is the trial by fire before you jump into the live volcano

Because your beta-readers are the first to get a glimpse of your mess masterpiece, and the experience had better prepare you for the reality out there: readers might not love your book. They might not drool over it. They might even hate it. Or worse—not care about it at all. Good beta-readers will critique your MS. Awesome beta-readers willContinue reading “Beta-reading is the trial by fire before you jump into the live volcano”

Opening Line Madness

I’m almost through with my mammoth MS revision, and now I face the horror pleasure of fine-tuning the first pages. More exactly, the opening line. It’s gotta bite. It’s gotta grab you by the throat and drag you into the story. It has to tickle your synapses and make sweet love to your curiosity, until you ache to know more.Continue reading “Opening Line Madness”