THE OTHERS – SciFi Microfiction

Writing short fiction is much harder (for me, at least) that writing longer works. Short stories are an intricate art-form, and the shorter they get, the more they intimidate me. But every once in a while, especially between bigger projects, I try my hand at writing shorter fiction. It makes me feel like a kid stumbling intoContinue reading “THE OTHERS – SciFi Microfiction”


Hope abandoned us the day our ship crashed on this godforsaken planet. In the thick forests and poisonous swamps of this hell we call Nox, slowly but surely, we too have abandoned hope. Even Ted, who’s been my friend for over fifty years, is nothing but a savage now. They all are, and their goalsContinue reading “BROM’S PROMISE”


This piece was initially published in the On Fiction Writing magazine back in 2011. Enjoy!     When they’re fresh, the cuts don’t look how they’re supposed to. They’re moist, and the flesh around them is tender. I like them better the next day, when the scabs have covered the gashes and drawn jagged lines acrossContinue reading “FORGET-ME-NOT”