Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a fictional work of extreme brevity that still offers character and plot development. The length of a flash fiction story may vary between 50 and 1000 words.

These are some of my (old) flash fiction pieces published in various places and here on my blog. Enjoy!

The Great Below

I lost my life the day I lost you.

Your android slumped into a bundle before my helpless feet. I knew the instant your lights died out that you—the real you, back up there on our Jumper—had died as well. A cosmic joke, I thought, but couldn’t laugh. I couldn’t breathe, or see, or hear. With you, all sense had left the world, and with it all my senses too. Your metal shell lied in a bundle at my feet; your native shell lied in a cryo-case in orbit high above. You left me twice in the same instant. Gone. And the whole universe became an empty shell without you.

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Brom’s Promise

Hope abandoned us the day our ship crashed on this godforsaken planet. In the thick forests and poisonous swamps of this hell we call Nox, slowly but surely, we too have abandoned hope. Even Ted, who’s been my friend for over fifty years, is nothing but a savage now. They all are, and their goals are those of savages as well.

But not mine. Not while my promise remains unfulfilled.

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The Others

We went into space to find the Others.

We built large space ships with very large engines, and even larger stations to plant along the way. We hopped across the galaxy, system after system, colonizing planet after planet. We built even bigger ships with even bigger engines. We tapped into the power of the stars, and flew faster and further each time.

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When they’re fresh, the cuts don’t look how they’re supposed to. They’re moist, and the flesh around them is tender. I like them better the next day, when the scabs have covered the gashes and drawn jagged lines across my forearm. I like them much better when they itch. Then I feel justified to scratch them open.

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