6 Things I Want To Blog About That Are NOT Writing Advice

Enough with the unqualified lecturing on the MECHANICS of that magical thing we love to do so much. It’s time I devote my attention to the FUEL part of it, the things that inspire me and keep me going. Of course I will continue to share awesome writing tips and tricks as I discover and tryContinue reading “6 Things I Want To Blog About That Are NOT Writing Advice”

13 Geeky Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

Everyone gets stuck now and then, it’s normal. There are countless ways to get unstuck again, but I believe the best cure for it is the geeky child within us. Not some illusive secret, not some magic trick, not some philosophical thinky-thoughts, and certainly not resignation to the idea and trudging along anyway as ifContinue reading “13 Geeky Ways To Beat Writer’s Block”

13 Weapons Every Writer Must Have For The Zombie Apocalypse

For my 100th blog post on this ominous 13th of December 2012 (in the Eve of Ruin of ALL CIVILIZATION! *blood-shot stare*), I’ve polished my 13 zombie emergency weapons and readied them for battle. So put on your gloves and goggles, and let’s get ready to roll!   Stationery Shotgun A modified four-barrel shotgun that can spitContinue reading “13 Weapons Every Writer Must Have For The Zombie Apocalypse”

13 Types of Writers’ Blogs – Pros and Cons

There are a great many different types of author blogs out there, some of them absolutely awesome (like John Scalzi’s Whatever, Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds, Larry Brooks’ Storyfix, Janice Hardy’s The Other Side Of The Story and Jody Hedlund‘s blog, and dozens more) and some of them rather peculiar and all over the place (won’t give examples, I’m sure youContinue reading “13 Types of Writers’ Blogs – Pros and Cons”

13 More Aspects About Aliens That You Should Consider

Here’s a new list of Alien Aspects in addition to the 13 Aspects About Aliens You Shouldn’t Ignore from earlier this year. I’ve promised Peter Cawdron I’d write one, so here you have it. Several extraterrestrial creatures were (un)intentionally killed in the creation of this post, and a small inhabited planet was destroyed. The courseContinue reading “13 More Aspects About Aliens That You Should Consider”