A Brief Update From Me, and some SF love

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA for so long, it feels strangely invigorating to write a new blog post, even if it’s just a brief update. ūüėõ I’ve not been engaging much with the online community this year, but not because I’ve turned my back to it, or to writing SF, quite the opposite. I’ve beenContinue reading “A Brief Update From Me, and some SF love”

THE GRAND ASCENT is here! – The trilogy is complete!

It’s DONE! The Ascendancy Trilogy is finally complete! THE GRAND ASCENT – the third book in my¬†unconventional space opera trilogy is out now! And for the¬†promotional release price of $0.99 – for a limited time! Doesn’t the cover look awesome? Just check out the new-and-nanite-free Amharr… Just wow. My illustrator Tony totally¬†kicks ass! So here’s¬†howContinue reading “THE GRAND ASCENT is here! – The trilogy is complete!”

Science Fiction Romance MEGA SALE, February 2-4

If you like science fiction ‚ÄĒ starships, aliens, galactic plots, strange new worlds, and cool¬†technology ‚ÄĒ and also¬†want¬†some heart-warming¬†romance¬†or tasty spice with your grand fictional escape, then you’ll¬†love¬†Science Fiction Romance! And¬†what better way to give yourself some of that love,¬†than by checking out the amazing line-up of SFR books on sale today! These¬†stories will¬†excite you,Continue reading “Science Fiction Romance MEGA SALE, February 2-4”

THE PRIME RIFT is out now! Here’s a little taste…

Wheee, release day has finally come! The Prime Rift is out now on Amazon, and I’m super excited! I had a blast writing this novel. I hope it will be a fun, exciting read for you! If you’re still on the fence, here’s an excerpt from the first chapter. ūüėČ Happy reading! The Prime RiftContinue reading “THE PRIME RIFT is out now! Here’s a little taste…”

THE OTHERS – SciFi Microfiction

Writing short fiction is much¬†harder (for me, at least) that writing longer works. Short stories are an¬†intricate art-form, and the shorter they get, the more they intimidate me. But every once in a while, especially between bigger projects, I try my hand at writing shorter fiction. It makes me feel like a kid stumbling intoContinue reading “THE OTHERS – SciFi Microfiction”