A Brief Update From Me, and some SF love

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA for so long, it feels strangely invigorating to write a new blog post, even if it’s just a brief update. ūüėõ I’ve not been engaging much with the online community this year, but not because I’ve turned my back to it, or to writing SF, quite the opposite. I’ve beenContinue reading “A Brief Update From Me, and some SF love”

What happens when having a “Professional Writing Career” isn’t your end-all goal?

So here’s a bit of a controversial‚ÄĒand, for me, highly charged‚ÄĒtopic. Also, hi! *waves* It’s been a while, but I bet you don’t give a rat’s ass as to why I’ve been off this blog, so I’ll just dive right in.   What are you writing for? The general consensus in the indie world is that making aContinue reading “What happens when having a “Professional Writing Career” isn’t your end-all goal?”

THE GRAND ASCENT is here! – The trilogy is complete!

It’s DONE! The Ascendancy Trilogy is finally complete! THE GRAND ASCENT – the third book in my¬†unconventional space opera trilogy is out now! And for the¬†promotional release price of $0.99 – for a limited time! Doesn’t the cover look awesome? Just check out the new-and-nanite-free Amharr… Just wow. My illustrator Tony totally¬†kicks ass! So here’s¬†howContinue reading “THE GRAND ASCENT is here! – The trilogy is complete!”

Top 10 Productivity Books For Ambitious Writers

The self-publishing business is all about speed of delivery¬†and consistent quality. While the latter is open to interpretation, a speedy delivery is something quite tangible ‚ÄĒ and trainable.¬†It’s very¬†important¬†to be able to write good books fast, and publish them on a consistent schedule. It offers you credibility, professionalism, and a steady increase in readers. AContinue reading “Top 10 Productivity Books For Ambitious Writers”

4 Things to Hang Over Your Writing-Space

We all need inspiration, especially when we’re¬†neck-deep in our manuscripts.¬†I’m in that situation right now, trying to pick up momentum, kick myself into gear.¬†So I do¬†the only reasonable thing: I procrastinate making pretty¬†pictures! ūüėõ Seriously, though. The following are things I absolutely believe in, things which always help me overcome¬†inertia, self-doubt, and the endless slewContinue reading “4 Things to Hang Over Your Writing-Space”