Adventure, novelty, depth and various other YARDSTICKS

I initially wanted to write about Young Adult Science-Fiction and why it matters (hint: anything that gets youngsters to read matters), but while I admire those who write awesome YA SF (amongst them is also one of my favorite writers, Andrew Smith and his amazing novels The Marbury Lens and Grasshopper Jungle. *waves awkwardly* “Hi Andrew!”), I’m not the ideal personContinue reading “Adventure, novelty, depth and various other YARDSTICKS”

Some thoughts on XENOCRACY

X is a really hard letter to write thoughtful posts to. Especially toward the end of the A to Z challenge, when all my blogging juices have run dry and I am so eager to get this over with, I have to consciously refrain from insulting your intelligence and posting this .gif and just scuttling away. So.Continue reading “Some thoughts on XENOCRACY”

Top 5 WORLDBUILDING Must-haves

Worldbuilding is one of the best things about writing science-fiction (or fantasy). But I suppose only SFF writers say that. Anyway. It’s great! It gives the “blank canvas” a whole new meaning. You’re not just preparing to paint an impression of reality, you’re creating a whole new reality of your own, one that is unique and aliveContinue reading “Top 5 WORLDBUILDING Must-haves”

Levels of VIOLENCE in science-fiction

Violence is one of humanity’s evils, and usually to be shunned and avoided in real life. But in fiction, it can serve a purpose that can’t be better fulfilled with diplomacy or negotiation. And it’s needless to deny that it deserves to be there, since it’s a fundamental part of humanity, whether we like it or not.Continue reading “Levels of VIOLENCE in science-fiction”