Free ANSIBLE ringtones for download

We’re all addicted to communication, especially to the internet. And how can you not get addicted to it? The internet brings us instant knowledge and porn and blissful anonymity, while also letting us be part of a global community in real-time. It removes our physical limitations (though it highlights our moral ones), and makes ideas available across vastContinue reading “Free ANSIBLE ringtones for download”

A to Z Challenge insanity – 2014 edition

I’m doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this April again, along with *gasp* over 1’800 other bloggers! YAAY! Also — OMG I’m batshit crazy for doing this on top of everything else I’ve got going at the moment. Luckily, crazy comes naturally to me. So — yaay! This means that for the whole monthContinue reading “A to Z Challenge insanity – 2014 edition”

With Muscles Made of Zeal

There’s nothing more important in any endeavor than passion and the will to succeed regardless of the difficulties, so I’ve decided that instead of a post for the end of the A to Z challenge, I’ll create a little writer’s manifesto, a mantra, incantation, prayer, battle cry.  There has to be an end to self-doubt, halfheartedContinue reading “With Muscles Made of Zeal”

You Should Listen To Yoda

At least now I know why some letters are at the end of the alphabet. Isn’t there a law against writing stuff that sounds funky only to satisfy a board of committees you can’t throw your shoe at? There should be. If you ever find yourself in this situation, un-shoe, pull off sock, build aContinue reading “You Should Listen To Yoda”