Xenocentric Science-Fiction

What I love most about science-fiction aren’t the cool gadgets and the ships (although I’d probably sell a kidney for a trip around the stars), or the many ways in which humanity might evolve or ruin itself, but the exploration of foreign planets and encounter of alien species. Nothing makes me more excited than theContinue reading “Xenocentric Science-Fiction”

13 Warning Signs You’re A Writer

We all think we’re writers, but are we really sure? How can we know? Beside the constant scribbling and the dubious interest in atypical murder weapons, here’s a top 13 of the most serious warning signs that you’re a writer.     – 13 – Pacing isn’t a nervous habit but a necessity – –Continue reading “13 Warning Signs You’re A Writer”

Voice Is When It’s All Yours

Undoubtedly the most important weapon a writer has to survive the zombie apocalypse is her voice. But such thick wafts of mystical steam envelop the concept of voice, that it’s damn hard for a writer to find a useful definition, let alone a practical one. And I’m all for practical things, for applicable lessons andContinue reading “Voice Is When It’s All Yours”

Unlikable vs. Unrelatable Protagonists

I’m sure you must’ve heard about unlikeable protagonists, such as deranged ones, morally inadequate ones, sadists, killers, criminals and other beasts of all shapes and sizes. In modern day fiction unlikable protagonists are no longer a minority. Many writers go for them in the hopes of making an impact on readers, and giving an extraContinue reading “Unlikable vs. Unrelatable Protagonists”

Twist Your Reader

Ah, the twist! That wonderful, insidious construction that turns the world upside down and makes it a thousandfold more compelling in a heartbeat! But what is a twist and how can I write one? The human brain thrives on the unexpected. Surprises keep our gears oiled, our imagination and inventivity working and enriche our lives.Continue reading “Twist Your Reader”