Reincorporation Rocks!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a draft to find it had gone totally squirrel berries, but you had no idea how, where or why? I mean, it was so promising at first, but then something went wrong and… w’da hell happened?! You had everything—a good setting, awesome characters, a killer plotContinue reading “Reincorporation Rocks!”

Questions Rule

Everyone knows it’s important to create fully rounded characters, and that you do that by asking the right questions. But which questions are the right ones, and how many questions are enough? A good question that helps you flesh out your characters, setting or plot, should be: 1. Daring (digging into uncomfortable areas) 2. OpenContinue reading “Questions Rule”

The Three Pillars of Fiction

There are as many recipes for great fiction out there as there are recipes for pancakes. You can rummage through hundreds of blogs and writers’ websites, read tons of books on writing and follow random advice, but since you’re not a mindless copycat, what works for others might not work for you. The best wayContinue reading “The Three Pillars of Fiction”


When two equal and opposite forces collide, they crash into each other with the same intensity. It’s in the books, Newton’s third law of motion. Right there, see? This rule applies to car crashes, billiard balls, writer against computer, and it applies to fiction as well. The recipe for a spectacular story climax is simple: youContinue reading “Opposition”

Negativity And The Writing World

If you’ve watched the online writer communities, you might have noticed a trend in the last year. I don’t mean author branding or indie publishing, even though they had quite a part. I’m talking about the negativity that spread out like a plague all over healthy writer platforms, forums and blogs. Something like… Publishing isn’t whatContinue reading “Negativity And The Writing World”