Book Review of The Deep Link by independent blogger TJ Hapney

I got my first review of The Deep Link by independent book blogger TJ Hapney — and she loved it! Here’s an excerpt from her review, which you can read in full on her book blog: When I receive a new book I generally read a few pages to see how soon I plan to read it (honestly).Continue reading “Book Review of The Deep Link by independent blogger TJ Hapney”

A to Z Challenge insanity – 2014 edition

I’m doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this April again, along with *gasp* over 1’800 other bloggers! YAAY! Also — OMG I’m batshit crazy for doing this on top of everything else I’ve got going at the moment. Luckily, crazy comes naturally to me. So — yaay! This means that for the whole monthContinue reading “A to Z Challenge insanity – 2014 edition”

First Things First, and then we’ll go for a ride, Pixel Monkey

This year has brought a lot of changes into my life, and a whole diaperload of changes is still waiting to drop on top of me. 😉 As a result, this year I’ve slowed down with my blogging and I’m currently heading for an inevitable hiatus. A partial hiatus, where I’ll only blog sporadically toContinue reading “First Things First, and then we’ll go for a ride, Pixel Monkey”

How To Stay On Track With Writing & Blogging

Hey guys! I’m back from my holiday ski-trip with all bones intact, and can’t wait to start blogging again! I hope y’all had a great start into the new year, and that you’re gonna make 2013 your best year ever. Here’s to grabbing opportunity by the throat! Shall we begin? 🙂 Let’s talk about staying onContinue reading “How To Stay On Track With Writing & Blogging”

Mission Debriefing – What 2012 Meant To Me

I have many things to be grateful for, and most of them happened this past year. It was a wild ride, I can tell you that, quite scary and humbling at times, often instructional, and always exciting. I’ve grown out of my old skin and started actively pursuing my dream, and it’s given me muchContinue reading “Mission Debriefing – What 2012 Meant To Me”