Dawn Of The WriterBots – or – Why Triberr Is Not A Good Idea For Writers

Social media interaction can be an incredibly wonderful and beneficial experience, if you’re doing it right. The job description of the modern writer includes having a coherent and professional social media presence, and we’re all doing our best to achieve that. But sometimes, we do too much and step over the line into Spam Land, andContinue reading “Dawn Of The WriterBots – or – Why Triberr Is Not A Good Idea For Writers”

How I Got Here (and to writing SF)

My very talented fellow sci-fi writer J.W. Alden reminded me of something important with his latest post: that blogging about your honest interests as they pertain to writing, however wild they may be, is a very good thing. Because it comes from a real and immediate place within you, and the passion translates. And bloggingContinue reading “How I Got Here (and to writing SF)”

Outline Contest Winner!

Told you good things come to patient writers! After an incredible, busy week at the 27th Annual Antioch Writers Workshop, where Les has given a fiction writing seminar for a wide range of writers, he is now back and ready to give us the winner of the Five Sentence Outline contest. He’s also taken theContinue reading “Outline Contest Winner!”

Why Blogging About Writing Is Like Riding An Ostrich

Mostly, it feels like all the blogs and websites are just whooshing down some crazy information highway. Some people know what they’re doing and have the race cars to get there, while others just roll along in their minivans, or on their environmentally friendly bikes, getting forward in their own time. It’s an awesome, collaborativeContinue reading “Why Blogging About Writing Is Like Riding An Ostrich”