Opening Line Madness

I’m almost through with my mammoth MS revision, and now I face the horror pleasure of fine-tuning the first pages. More exactly, the opening line. It’s gotta bite. It’s gotta grab you by the throat and drag you into the story. It has to tickle your synapses and make sweet love to your curiosity, until you ache to know more.Continue reading “Opening Line Madness”

How to brainstorm your story idea into a working concept

Last time I shared my novel planning process with you, and promised I would look into the idea exploration part as well. We all have different ways to brainstorm and develop our creative ideas, and we use different tools to help us track our thinking (from Moleskin notebooks and napkins, to mind-mapping software  and spreadsheets). But at the core ofContinue reading “How to brainstorm your story idea into a working concept”

Concept, Structure and Transformation – How to plan a novel

I’m almost finished with my revision of THE DEEP LINK — yay! But I’m so tired of working on the same thing for so long, I grind my teeth each time I open the document. So, to kick my writing spirits back into high gear, I already started working on my next novel. A standalone this time, in anotherContinue reading “Concept, Structure and Transformation – How to plan a novel”

How Did You Come Up With THAT?

Not with your Twitter bio. That’s fine. With your story and the weird people inside it. My friend and fellow writer Renee Miller (aka The Killer Whisperer) wrote a post recently about the source of her inspiration. And a thing she said reminded me of the main problem I’m facing with my own story —Continue reading “How Did You Come Up With THAT?”


This piece was initially published in the On Fiction Writing magazine back in 2011. Enjoy!     When they’re fresh, the cuts don’t look how they’re supposed to. They’re moist, and the flesh around them is tender. I like them better the next day, when the scabs have covered the gashes and drawn jagged lines acrossContinue reading “FORGET-ME-NOT”