The 3 Types of Character Arc – Change, Growth and Fall

The main reason I disagree with people who claim every story fits the hero’s journey, is that it’s not the only character arc out there, and it really doesn’t fit every story. While I wasn’t sure why exactly my story doesn’t fit the description when I wrote the post on The Hero’s Journey – My Pros and Cons, my late yet intenseContinue reading “The 3 Types of Character Arc – Change, Growth and Fall”

Ideal Readers and Why They Are Necessary

First, I’d like to cheer on my fellow writers participating in this year’s A to Z Challenge — wish you guys a LOT OF FUN! I’ll be regularly checking out your blogs. And now to the matter at hand. On the wide planes of the internet, an ideal reader is defined all across the spectrum,Continue reading “Ideal Readers and Why They Are Necessary”

My Ultimate POV Guide – With Graphics And Examples

Choosing the right point of view for a work of fiction is, in my opinion, the most important decision a writer makes beside choosing the protagonist. It not only dictates what pronouns to use, and how much of the protagonist’s thoughts the reader gets to see, but also determines the distance between reader & protagonist.Continue reading “My Ultimate POV Guide – With Graphics And Examples”

The Hero’s Journey – My Pros and Cons

It’s one of the classics of literature, isn’t it? The hero’s journey is part of almost every genre, it’s part of fictional DNA, it’s a must, right? Well, not in my notsohumble opinion. The hero’s journey is too formulaic for my taste. Not because I’m better, or some equally inane bullshit, but because I don’tContinue reading “The Hero’s Journey – My Pros and Cons”

Guest Post: How to build a storyworld based on character

Time for a fresh wind to hunt across the planes of this blog, and shake some new ideas from the treetops. Starting this year, I’ll be hosting guest posts by fellow writers as a monthly thing. I’ve met so many smart, creative and motivated writers since I started blogging, I thought it would be aContinue reading “Guest Post: How to build a storyworld based on character”