Top 5 Things I Want To Do With My Fiction

There’s nothing I love talking about more than writing science-fiction and all the things that flow into it. I’m aware that many great minds have said many great things about this genre, and many brilliant writers have left their spectacular mark on it throughout the years. I’m also acutely aware I haven’t published any workContinue reading “Top 5 Things I Want To Do With My Fiction”

Point of View in Science-Fiction

Point of view isn’t just a choice of pronoun, it’s a tactical decision in the service of storytelling. The way we tell a story can make or break it, regardless of the marvelous genius of the plot or the unique personality of the characters. Point of view is a weapon, and it can be wieldedContinue reading “Point of View in Science-Fiction”

Unlikable vs. Unrelatable Protagonists

I’m sure you must’ve heard about unlikeable protagonists, such as deranged ones, morally inadequate ones, sadists, killers, criminals and other beasts of all shapes and sizes. In modern day fiction unlikable protagonists are no longer a minority. Many writers go for them in the hopes of making an impact on readers, and giving an extraContinue reading “Unlikable vs. Unrelatable Protagonists”

Twist Your Reader

Ah, the twist! That wonderful, insidious construction that turns the world upside down and makes it a thousandfold more compelling in a heartbeat! But what is a twist and how can I write one? The human brain thrives on the unexpected. Surprises keep our gears oiled, our imagination and inventivity working and enriche our lives.Continue reading “Twist Your Reader”

Show Us Your Words – The Lucky 7 Meme

I’ve just found out there’s this cool little tagging game between blogging writers—The Lucky 7 Meme—thanks to Kern Windwraith and her awesomely titled blog, The Odd Particle. The rules are as follows: Go to page 7 or 77 of your current MS/WIP, or go to line 7 (for short fiction) Copy down the next 7Continue reading “Show Us Your Words – The Lucky 7 Meme”