The Prime Rift is now available for pre-order!

In light of the First In Series FREE Promotion, I’ve decided to make the second book in the Ascendancy Trilogy, THE PRIME RIFT available for pre-order! It was called “first in series free,” after all, and I didn’t want The Deep Link to sit there on my virtual Amazon shelf all by its lonesome. The Promo went super great, by the way! Got overContinue reading “The Prime Rift is now available for pre-order!”

The 7 Stages Of Novel Revision

We writers have different ways to do things, but when it gets dark and dirty, we share the same insanity and go through the same highs and lows and inevitable meltdowns. It’s heartening to see we’re not alone. But also, what the fuck, people? Hasn’t anyone figured out a fool-proof, three step way to go from sketchContinue reading “The 7 Stages Of Novel Revision”

Freelance science-fiction editor wanted

I’m currently neck-deep in my 6th (!!) revision of THE DEEP LINK, and I’ll be done in about two weeks. I’ve trimmed down the MS from 150K to 125K, and will likely take it to <120K. I’ve edited it as good as I can, taking into consideration the awesome feedback of no less than 14 beta readers. (Thank you!) As you know, there’s onlyContinue reading “Freelance science-fiction editor wanted”