Is Your Killer Focus On The Loose?

While we’re day-dreaming about making it big, our most important ally is sawing his way into freedom one bar at a time. A killer focus doesn’t work with promises of glorious results, but with tangible little things he can use. Setting clear and achievable goals is the first essential step in becoming a professional writer,Continue reading “Is Your Killer Focus On The Loose?”

Dawn Of The WriterBots – or – Why Triberr Is Not A Good Idea For Writers

Social media interaction can be an incredibly wonderful and beneficial experience, if you’re doing it right. The job description of the modern writer includes having a coherent and professional social media presence, and we’re all doing our best to achieve that. But sometimes, we do too much and step over the line into Spam Land, andContinue reading “Dawn Of The WriterBots – or – Why Triberr Is Not A Good Idea For Writers”

The Double Ds of Writing Fiction

Last Monday I put up a list of ingredients that I believe are essential for professional writers, and which I would love to discuss with you straight-out. Some of you guys are published, some are about to be, and some are currently drafting their first novel, and that’s all equally fine. Because bing professional hasContinue reading “The Double Ds of Writing Fiction”

Essential Ingredient – Patience

Bigger, faster, stronger. Now! Not just society, pop culture or modern fiction are speeding up, but writers themselves too. Constantly trying to exceed our capacity, to be better prepared, write more, write faster, write better. Or get left behind. But — there’s no bandwagon rushing past you. It may feel like it, but in factContinue reading “Essential Ingredient – Patience”