Adventure, novelty, depth and various other YARDSTICKS

I initially wanted to write about Young Adult Science-Fiction and why it matters (hint: anything that gets youngsters to read matters), but while I admire those who write awesome YA SF (amongst them is also one of my favorite writers, Andrew Smith and his amazing novels The Marbury Lens and Grasshopper Jungle. *waves awkwardly* “Hi Andrew!”), I’m not the ideal personContinue reading “Adventure, novelty, depth and various other YARDSTICKS”

For the love of SPACE OPERA

Space opera is my favorite science-fiction subgenre. Heck, it’s my favorite genre altogether. It’s got everything in it that I could possibly want, from technological innovations (just like hard sci-fi but without all the science-talk), to action and romance, incredible stakes and mesmerizing worlds. And very often really cool aliens. But T.D. Wilson says it best:Continue reading “For the love of SPACE OPERA”

A fun list of science-fiction GENRE puppies

Okay, I may have cheated with that title a bit. So sue me. There are about as many science-fiction SUBGENRES as there are sci-fi novels out there. Maybe more. Maybe I’m wrong. Whatever. There’s plenty of them, and they’re only increasing in numbers every time an author comes up with something weird and fantastic andContinue reading “A fun list of science-fiction GENRE puppies”

Guest Post: 4 Tips on Using Theme in Science-Fiction

For the occasional guest-post that blinks up on my blog like a distant supernova, today I’ll introduce you to our fellow writer Michael Cairns. As part of his book-launch blog tour, Michael is cruising the interwebs talking about all things writing, sci-fi/fantasy and the indie experience. His is simple and sound advice that doesn’t limit itselfContinue reading “Guest Post: 4 Tips on Using Theme in Science-Fiction”

Size Matters, Length Not So Much

I’m talking about novels, of course. Be naughty in your own time. Each genre has an average expected novel length, and usually for first-time-authors that length is almost a condition. For science-fiction novels, the average length is usually between 90 and 120K, and if the author hasn’t been published before, agents and publishers will rarelyContinue reading “Size Matters, Length Not So Much”