Utopia and Dystopia – The Many Faces of The Future

These two extremes of speculative fiction have always provided a stark contrast to modern reality, and have fascinated through their often “visionary” aspects. Anyone interested in science-fiction or modern fantasy has stumbled upon stories that paint the future in a decided color. Such stories always awaken a powerful curiosity in us, and we often closeContinue reading “Utopia and Dystopia – The Many Faces of The Future”

Ideal Readers and Why They Are Necessary

First, I’d like to cheer on my fellow writers participating in this year’s A to Z Challenge — wish you guys a LOT OF FUN! I’ll be regularly checking out your blogs. And now to the matter at hand. On the wide planes of the internet, an ideal reader is defined all across the spectrum,Continue reading “Ideal Readers and Why They Are Necessary”

3 Things You Need To Know Before Writing A Female Protagonist

I’m not a very confrontational person, but there are things I believe and stand for which don’t allow me to yield. Some of these are listed below. Science-fiction is called visionary for a good reason. It challenges us to recognize and admit the faults in our current mentality and social models, to consider where technologicalContinue reading “3 Things You Need To Know Before Writing A Female Protagonist”

Point of View in Science-Fiction

Point of view isn’t just a choice of pronoun, it’s a tactical decision in the service of storytelling. The way we tell a story can make or break it, regardless of the marvelous genius of the plot or the unique personality of the characters. Point of view is a weapon, and it can be wieldedContinue reading “Point of View in Science-Fiction”

Writers Create Fiction, They Don’t Prove Facts (redux)

I’m still wondering about the expectations and priorities of writers in general, and of science-fiction writers in particular. My sincere apologies if this seems repetitive, but I need to set a few things straight before I move on, otherwise this thingum will gnaw at me and suck much needed neuronal capacity away from my revision.Continue reading “Writers Create Fiction, They Don’t Prove Facts (redux)”